The Gift (Part 1)

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

As most of you know, today (9/15) marks 2 weeks since our dear friend Terry went to Heaven. Terry lived a pretty simple life and didn’t seek extravagant things. As such, upon his death he requested that there be no funeral service, no fancy casket, no viewing and no obituary and that he simply be cremated and his ashes be placed in a plain cardboard box and mailed back to his Mom so that he could be spread on her resting place at the time of her passing. He also desired that a portion of his ashes be retained by me so that I could do what I thought was appropriate. Yesterday, while on the way back to Tampa from Orlando. I stopped by the mortuary to pick up my portion of Terry’s remains. Then today, while sitting in my RV and having a sad moment just starring at the small cardboard box realizing that this is now all I really have left of Terry (with exception of course of the fond memories of our wonderful time together) I began thinking about Terry’s last days on this earth and although he was pretty much confined to our RV, he at least had the opportunity  each day to enjoy a nice view of nature through our large window.  I then thought…what would be more fitting than to have a simple and living memorial for Terry at the very place where he left this earth and went to heaven and what would be more fitting than to place a portion of his ashes within this simple birdhouse created for him by the loving hands of his only grandson (Logan). So today I mounted Terry’s living memorial in the tree that is on the very RV lot where Terry took his last breath. My hope is that Terry’s ashes can be shared with nature and that they will provide comfort to a family of baby birds who will one day spread their wings and be ready to fly on their own to live out their lives in harmony with nature. As you know, had Terry not unfortunately become very ill, he had a desire to travel in our RV to visit as many of you his blogger friends that he possibly could.  Perhaps one day one of the very birds born at the very place where a portion of Terry’s ashes now lay, might just surprise you and show up at your homes or gardens as a symbol from Terry that he is doing just fine and although no longer here in person his sprit continues to watch over you and your families.   Love Gary

Photo of Last Visit with Terry’s Grandson (Logan) and oldest son (Timothy)wp-image-1392292219.jpg

54 thoughts on “The Gift (Part 1)

  1. Gary this is so beautiful and for sure Terry is there right here and reading this lovely tribute that you have given him and for sure we all are missing him. The little birds are surely going to be carrying his ashes and you are such a great friend of Terry. A wonderful read, God bless.

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  2. I’ll keep an eye out for a birdie bearing a message. And keep some birdseed available so it can refresh itself on its journey. This is one of the most beautiful memorials I’ve ever heard of. Bless you for sharing with us! ❤


  3. Gary, that is just so beautiful so touching. I hope that one day all the Birds that come to my Garden here by the Sea may bring a “Friend” with them. When my Husband died back in 1994, it was Christmas, David had died December 15 – December 16 a Blackbird arrived in my Garden not just any Blackbird but this special one that would sit on the Bird table and look into my kitchen window, he stayed this Blackbird for several years – I do believe in things like this. I too have told my Sons I just want a cardboard coffin no fuss, no tears (the three of us shared enough of them over the years), my Ashes are to be mixed with my beautiful Irish Border Collie and we shall be scattered together in Killarney near the Lakes where she was from, just some poetry read and smiles. I am sure Terry is already in your Garden. Take care of yourself, as ever love Anna.


  4. What a perfect idea. Terry in the place he so enjoyed, within his grandson’s birdhouse. I’m a bit choked up at the the simple beauty of this. And then, to think that Terry might now be able to visit his friends… it’s all just wonderful. I’ll be looking for a sparrow. 🕊


  5. That is a perfect way to spread Terry’s love to nature. Much better than when I made Teddy throw my mum’s ashes into the sea and they blew back into his mouth. My mum lives forever inside him… 😁


  6. This is just toooo funny! I’ve heard of dead people getting reincarnated into animals, but into dead animals ashes….really!! May God rest your Mom’s soul. Luv Gary


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