42 thoughts on “3-7-1-61-48 (Video-Part 2)

  1. It is so great to see you Gary! This was funny in parts and also emotional… funny in some of the explanations for the title of the blog post… you made me smile and laugh. Emotional in all that was behind some of what you said, and even more so in what you didnt say! Thank you for sharing some of your Sunday with us. There are so many things that must be hard for you. You have many more “firsts” ahead of you, some of them will be harder than others. I can feel Terry there with you. Nothing can replace real human contact! Lots of love is being sent to you Gary!!!!❤


  2. Oh Gary! LOL! That is a lot of Popsicles! and you still look amazing! good job walking those miles. I know you are trying to remain tough and upbeat, and I admire it. I know, though, deep beneath that fast talking northern accent, you are grieving. But Terry is with us. Oh how he loved you! Thanks for carrying on his blog and legacy. Hugs!!


  3. I guess you are not wanting to see a popsicle in awhile..LOL wow ! Terry must have been laughing at you 🙂 Gary, you look great. I know emotionally you must have your moments and I am so pleased you and Roxy have each other for company. Keep well and have a great week ahead. Hugs 🙂


  4. Hey Gary …. how brilliant to see you out and about and walking a lovely walk with Terry’s spirit tucked in your heart. I’ve been away a few days but am back now and looking forward to seeing more of you. X


  5. This was wonderful, Gary. I loved learning about the meaning behind the numbers, and just listening to you talk. Reminds me of Terry’s videos. Many thanks, and please keep blogging!


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