I’m In Doggie Heaven !

Hey Everyone,

Today’s my lucky day ! Gary finally went to the pet store and got me treats! Thank God I don’t have to eat any more of those popsicles for treats! I’m over them.

I think Gary is rewarding me. On Saturday, I told him to get out a bit and have some fun at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa. I told him I’d be okay in the big RV doghouse by myself. So he took my advice and went out on the town.

When Gary returned later that evening he came back $ 75 dollars richer! Now that was time well spent and the winnings can buy me alot of treats!

Terry and Gary used to enjoy going to the casino together. Although they always had fun, they usually came home with their wallets a bit lighter (Big “L”). I think on Saturday, Terry was giving Gary (and of course me) a little luck from heaven. That’s the way to go Terry!

Remember that old “Gold Diggers of 1933 movie” with the theme song….We’re in the Money. That song says it all ! ย https://youtu.be/UJOjTNuuEVw

Ruff, Ruff, ย Roxy

35 thoughts on “I’m In Doggie Heaven !

  1. Daddy in Heaven is certainly doing the good stuff Roxy! Well done for pointing Gary out of the door to the Casino and waiting patiently minding the home fires. You deserve all the treats and so does Gary … Terry will make sure you get them, I am certain. Lots of ear rubs to you little treasure and a hug for Gary too – what a team! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

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    • Thanks Osyth,

      We do our best ! Thanks for the ear rubs….never get tired of that. It’s almost as good as doggie treats !! Hey, do you know any dogs out there in France that also can blog like me ? Have a great day Osyth ! Roxy


  2. Oh Roxy girl, you scored big time there. Nothing is better than a bunch of treats ! Yes, I think you will have to send Gary out again to the Casino, especially when your treat selection starts getting low.
    Roxy, do you know how awesome you are? You are doing great with this whole blogging thing ! Hugs, cuddles and love ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx


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