Take a Number Please !

Hey all,

I have the pleasure of visiting the Social Security Office this morning to take care of Terry’s Affairs. I have been trying to come here to get help for the last 10 days. Every time I drove there I continued to see a sign on the door saying the office was closed due to not having any power after Hurricane Irma. Now that they are finally open I decided to get up bright and early to go back. Once I got there, I was surprised to find such a  long line of people waiting that wrapped around the entire building just to get inside. Now once I finally got into the building, I was told “take a number please” from the Kiosk machine.  Now 2 1/2 hours later after patiently waiting, my number gets called. I was excited!  However, after going to the customer service window, thinking I would finally get things done, I was only told that this was merely a screening counter and I would need to take a seat again and that my name would eventually be called. Unfortunately they said that there were 45 people ahead of me!  Oh my God !!!!….It will probably take another 2 hours before I finally could get to see anyone to hopefully get things accomplished . This was a real test of my patience !!  Unfortunately, what I need to do can’t be handled on line or via the phone. So here I sit patiently waiting and waiting and waiting.

Hope you all are having  better day than me!

43 thoughts on “Take a Number Please !

  1. Wow! You would think by now almost everything would be able to be done by computer or phone. Have patience and good luck getting it all fixed!


  2. I remember those lines from when I got married and had to go through the process to legally become Mrs. XXX . Pain in the butt, but at least they offer chairs, right? I hope you took a good long book …


  3. Oh Gary …. this is a problem the world over, I think. I spent a whole 6 hours at the US Embassy in Paris 2 years ago only to be told I was back to square one. BUT the nice lady did put a note on my file which resulted in me being allowed a year in the country with multiple entries so that my Mummy would not be compromised if she needed help. So one has to count the good fortunes and ignore the frustrations I guess. Bon courage as we say here in France, bon courage mon ami (my quest to get Terry speaking French now passes to you – you know that?) 😊


  4. OMW !!! I hate queues, I hate waiting. We deal with a lot of that here. Those are times I realise I have no patience. Hope all got done.
    My best is finally the next in line, approach the ‘window’ to be helped and then told, sorry, going on tea break !!!!


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