The End of The Road — Home at Last

Hey All,

The pictures below should say it all. This afternoon Terry arrived safely to Midland, Texas from Tampa. Florida. (Note: There was a short delay in the mailing out Terry’s remains until the infrasture here in Tampa was more stable after Hurricane Irma). Terry was then picked up by his loving mother Mary and twin sister Sherry from Ellis Funeral Home in Midland and then transported to his mom’s home for safe-keeping and to provide her comfort.

According to Terry’s wishes his desired that his final resting place  be with his mother at her gravesite in Midland, Texas at the time of her passing.

The last picture shows a white cardboard box which also contains a portion of Terry’s remains for me.  The box sits on the rocking chair in our RV here on MacDill AFB at the very place that Terry would sit and spend the majority of his time on his laptop correspondong with you all —his blogger friends who provided him with so much love and support throughout the last few years. You will note that upon the box of Terry’s remains, I have placed his personal laptop which is opened up to his blogsite page with the picture of Terry’s smiling face that each of you would see each day when you would look forward to open up his daily blog and read what he had to share with you.

Consider today’s blog to be a personl gift to you from me. A memorial shrine of your dear friend Terry.

Rest in peace our dear friend Terry until we meet again in heaven. We love you and your spirit will always have a special place in our hearts.

47 thoughts on “The End of The Road — Home at Last

    • Hi Catherine, If you go to Terry’s original blogsite, I have been trying to keep up his blogging since his passing on 1 September. You might find some comfort in reading some of the blogs and viewing some of the photos and videos that I posted. Love Gary


  1. Love the smile. When he did his video walks or dances you knew there would be the smile at the end. Thank you for continuing to share your life with us. Terry was truly a special person.


  2. Safe Journey Terry, ’til we meet in the clearing at the end of the path. I never knew he was roughly my own age. Wow. You guys just always seemed so very young (obviously you still do Gary). Blessings. Em


    • Em, Thank you for the complement of thinking of me as young. If at 61 years old anybody considers me young, I’m hoping if I reach my 90’s people will think of me as middle aged.. Thanks for checking in. Gary


  3. Oh Gary! I miss our sweet Terry so…. I’m sure not nearly as much as you…. Thank you for sharing. Seeing his vibrant healthy smile…. oh such joy. Sending hugs and so much love. Thank you dear friend! Hugs!


  4. I am so glad you have been able to do as Terry wished. The pictures are beautiful and I am gladdened to see where he rests waiting for his mum and for you to join him much later. Meanwhile, he is in your heart and in the hearts of all those that love him. It was so thoughtful of you to post these pictures and words. I miss him.

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  5. Dear Gary, thank you for this. You know how much Terry meant to me and he will remain in my heart forever. I truly miss him. I love that pic of him, with his handsome smiling face, just full of life and fun. Thank you once again. Hugs 🙂 x


  6. Dear Gary, I hope you are getting as much comfort from posting this blog as Terry’s followers/friends are. You are an amazing guy and it’s good to hear that you are coping so well x


  7. My heart sank when i saw the remains with the laptop on…i bet it was difficult (may not even be enough to describe) to carry out Terry’s wishes….your such a brave well.

    My prayers…


  8. Gary, this is lovely. Such a nice tribute and memory of Terry. Well, that’s an understatement. Thank you so much!! I am so glad you are continuing on his blog, and I think everyone else feels the same way. Thank you!!

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  9. Love the post….and yes Terry is smiling down upon us all….I can hear him yelling out yippee as he goes up and down the moon beams…one day I will get to ride one with him….Thank you Gary… your blogging friend….XXkat


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