My Days Are Numbered

Hey All…This is not meant to be a doom and gloom post. I was driving back from the gym this morning and was enjoying the views of the water and admiring all the tropical birds along a creek on MacDill Air Force Base and then realized my days here are numbered. I am planning to depart Tampa, FL on Oct 4 and relocate my RV to Patrick Air Force Base at Coco Beach, FL. The airforce only allows you to stay at one location for a maximum of 180 days.  I will miss MaDill AFB, but I’m looking forward to a new beginning once I get settled over there and once I get through all the stress of moving. Still have so much to do to prepare, but for now just taking a moment to enjoy the wonders of  nature!  Luv Gary

48 thoughts on “My Days Are Numbered

  1. Those are beautiful images. I am sure Coco beach will welcome you and enfold you but I do know that it is tough moving. Very very tough and given the emotions of the past months and the association with Terry it won’t be a pyjama party. Let it be. Don’t fight and all shall be well. You have much subliminal help from this community and I know I speak for many when I say, if I could hop over and pack you up and help you out whilst you sit by and just relax, I would in a heartbeat. The Bean sends love to Lady Roxy and says she knows what long journeying is all about being the guardian of a rootless mama. Much love, Gary x

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  2. Moving on… I do hope that you find some clarity eventually for your future. Being in limbo during a time of such incredible loss must only add to your heartache and stress. It probably is a very good thing to take your time in making future plans though. Lots of love Gary!

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  3. Wow, that 180 days flew by and to think there was so much heartache and loss in one place and in such a short time. I hope Coco Beach proves to be a refreshing move, even if the process of moving is a pain in the neck.

    Are you allowed to repeat locations? So for example, pick two or three favourite places and then move back and forth among them?

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    • Yes. You can move back although each military installation has different rules. Here, the place is already full with reservations for the winter “snowbird” months (you have to make reservations one year in advance and there is also a 200 person waiting list as well, over on the other side at Coco Beach, it is a 1st come 1st serve situ, so if you get there earlier (in my case early Oct) before the snowbirds try to come in, you can lock in the 6 months verses getting here too late in the season and find the park completely full. Jut have to learn all the ins and outs with how each place is run. Yes, I’m not looking forward to move this thing on my own as I do not have a lot of experience with towing the RV (especially alone), however, the change of environment will probably be healthy for me to think things out and try to figure out what to do next. Luv Gary

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  4. Yes, the upheaval of moving is stressful and this move will be different. Just take it easy and one day at a time and you will be fine. I remember Terry always applauding you for your organizing skills 🙂 Trust me we all will be thinking of you on the 4th. Enjoy what time you have left there. Hugs 🙂


    • Thanks Lynne. You are exactly right. I am very organized….sometimes too organized when it comes to moving, so barring no mishaps in hooking up and my drive from Tampa to Coco Beach…..all should be fine. Just looking forward to getting settled in again and having some stability for awhile. Luv Gary


  5. Catching up on your blog today. Sorry you have to move but maybe a change of scene will be good. Love your story about/photo of the Social Security Office from the other day. What a nightmare. The sad stained ceiling tiles–the look of hopelessness. Hope you don’t have to go back!


  6. Coco Beach….what a beautiful place…isn’t that one of the paces you and Terry thought about moving to?? We are right there with you packing and getting it together….can’t wait to see pictures of the new location…XXkat


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