Where Did The Summer Go?

Hey All,

Can”t believe that it is already Fall. I know I say this every year, but I think with all that has taken place in the past few montbs the change in seasons took me particularly by surprise this year. Being from Salem Massachusetts when i think of fall i get excited and immediately think of Halloween and the many years that Terry and I would go all out  and turn our Dallas house into a scary haunted castle. Of couse all this is just memories now as when we down-sized ans sold the house…there went all the fall decor. It’s funny how things you once did on a consistent basis year after year can suddenly change in your life and then you pick up the pieces and move on to seek new adventures. I guess this is life. Happy Fall and have a great weekend all! Luv Gary

30 thoughts on “Where Did The Summer Go?

  1. But you will always have the wonderful memories! I hope they make you smile and feel joy. I’m sure for now, it is a bit sad to remember, but I promise in time they will become fond memories. Allow yourself to be sad if you need to.

    Anyway, it doesn’t feel like Fall at all yet around here even though it is – we have been in the high 80s all week here with no end of it in sight. Very strange for our part of the planet! I’m still pumpkin’ it up though! 🙂


  2. Fall in Salem is the best, and of course those traditions that you and Terry celebrated are important. No matter how small, do a little something to continue the tradition. It will be a good thing.


  3. You certainly come from the most appropriate place to appreciate all things Halloween, Gary. I love Salem and spent such happy time there last year on several occasions. My daughter when she visited was in her bliss! As for this year – this year has been full of upheaval and the most profound changes. As the future unfolds (petits pas à petits pas) you will do what is right for you. I know there is much adventure out there for you all in good time. For now, be kind to you is the most important thing of all. And take joy in the season that for me is the most beautiful of all my four favourite seasons X


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