20 thoughts on “39 Year Reunion (Part 1 of 2)

  1. hope your friend’s doggie is ok and hope you had a wonderful visit after all these years. I guess she didn’t want to be on camera? Just a little tip (that I always forget myself!!) – when you are doing video – turn your camera landscape direction. You will get a much better video. 🙂 xo Hugs!


  2. Thanks for your suggestion Jodi about turning my camera to the landscape direction….didn’t think of that. I definitely will do this on my next video and see the difference. My friend is in my 2nd blog 39 Year reunion (Part 2 of 2). I need to somehow figure out how to get my videos and photos all on one blog. Also, I am not sure how to save my video and then put in on a blog at a later date along with any photos I want For now, I am having to take the selfe video, share it to YouTube and then immediately share it back to WordPress and it publishes instantly. Also, when I send photos like in Part 2 of 2 I have to do this directly from my cell and then whatever I want to write I am having to compose it right from my cell phone. It ends up causing me a bunch of typos because of my big fingers and small cell phone keyboard. The when the post instantly publishes I have to go back to the blogsite and quickly edit the blog and correct the typos. I know there is probably is a much easier way, but haven’t been able to figure all this out yet as I am kind of piggy backing off of what Terry has set up for now. Hopefully I can talk to you off line about some of this when you have some time.. Luv Gary


  3. What a beautiful place and what a lovely reunion. I am so glad that your friend reached out and that you found her message at a time when perhaps it was just right for you.


      • My class from High School is having a reunion in Britain at the end of October. I’m not sure if I am going to be able to go but I know it would be good … we never age with our friends of yesteryear – some of them are absolute lifers and that is so precious x


  4. Hey Lynne…Thanks for asking about my friend’s doggie. She let it at the Vets over-night so she could be evaluated further. So of the dog’s labs were off and it needed fluids so some IV’s were being given. There were also a few areas of concern on a few of the X-rays that must be looked at a little further. Probably will find out more today. Luv Gary


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