Last night I had a particularily hard time sleeping. I felt that I was constantly being watched, but I couldn’t figure out in my dream by whom? At about 5 AM I heard the chirp of my phone so I decided to just get up early and to make a pot of coffee. Then when I opened up my cell phone, this picture of Terry popped up on my cell phone screen? I have no idea how it got there and the photo now also shows up in my photo gallery? I am sure I did not take this photo in the past ? Could it actually be a sign coming directly from Terry from heaven letting me know that he is watching over me and all is okay. I remember talking about life and death and the afterlife with Terry when it was evident that his time was becomming short. I told him that when he left this earth, I was concerned on how I would ever know that he was okay and visa versa? He said jokingly, don’t worry….since I am so good with automation I’ll send you a sign. Could last night’s dream and this photo now popping up on my cell phone this morning be this sign from Terry ?

Luv Gary


47 thoughts on “I HAD A DREAM

  1. Oh Gary… I am certain, quite certain that this is a message from Terry. It is exactly what he said he would do and he’s only gone and done it! He is there, right there, in his place and able to watch you and guide you and keep you safe. That must be so comforting for him and I hope it is for you too. He’s mastered the Angel thing already – smart boy he always was 😇

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  2. I know….this is a bit strange…..but could it really be Terry reaching out to me from heaven of is there some other logical explanation of what occurred or is the dream followed by this photo on my cell just a coincidence or am I just imagining something ? Who knows? I guess I’ll just have to believe that it was truly a sign from Terry. Luv Gary


    • Thanks for the link Derrick, I would like to check it out but for some reason I can’t get it to open, when I click it it just brings me to the spearfruit.com site. I might be doing something wrong being that I’m a novice on automation, Could you possibly send the link to me from your end via my gdrabczuk@gmail.com e mail and I will try to open it that way. Thanks. Gary

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  3. Gary, I truly believe it is a sign from Terry. He said he was good with media! Thank you for continuing to share your life and Terry’s with us.


  4. Oh Gary! I often wonder if those we love, who are now gone, can watch over us or send us a sign. Terry loves you so much. He wants peace for you and for you to know he is fine! What an experience… soak it up… take it in… all of it! Hugs!!!

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  6. What fun he is having in heaven….sending you messages and letting you know that all is good and he is and will always be watching over you….what a special blessing….I truly believe that our loved ones send us messages and stay with us….I am so excited for you….what a wonderful gift from the afterlife….He loves you and is making sure your okay….XXxxXXkat


  7. Hi Gary, I’m so sorry about your loss. I’ve been busy and missed an important post from spearfruit. I just realized what had happened. While I’m still in disbelief that Terry had left us, I’m sure he is somewhere watching his loved ones with much care and adoration. Rest in peace Terry. And please take care!


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