“Sto-Lat, Sto-Lat (Part 2)”

Hey All,

For some reason this very old video and the only one that I have of my Dad would not open up on the original post.  So, what I did was view the video on my computer and due a new video off my phone from that video (so naturally the quality is not very good and is kind of a pirated version). I then had to send that revised video thru You tube and then share it onto the Word Press site.  I am not sure how to replace this video with the one that didn’t work on the original post so to correct for now I did this Part 2 post.  I am sure there is an easier way to do this and eventually I will learn !!! Luv Gary

22 thoughts on ““Sto-Lat, Sto-Lat (Part 2)”

  1. I love that I am watching a pirate video of your parents 😉 I forgot to say in my other response, that the picture of his urn with a hat on it next to that wonderful photo is so touching and reminds me of a great friend of mine who lost the love of his life very unexpectedly when she was quite young. She sits on the mantle in her urn and he changes her hat with the seasons – so she will be wearing a fresh autumn bonnet now. I think it is a lovely way to remember your loved one. 😊

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    • I know Osyth. My Mom has my Dad’s Urn on her dresser in her bedroom along with his Hat and the photo It provides her comfort. I like the change of hats for the season that your friend does. A nice touch. Luv Gary


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