The Gym Rat and T3


Hey All,

Since I decided that continuing to be a “Pack Rat” was probably not a good idea given that my living space in the RV is a bit limited and since I’ve already down-sized so significantly this past year, I decided that maybe it would be better to become a “Gym Rat” !

I looked up the definition and it says that a “Gym Rat” is someone who spends all leisure time playing sports and working out in a gymnasium or health spa and since it doesn’t say anything about needing to have a “bushy tail” like the “Pack Rat” then this new form of “Rat” fits me better !

So as you can see from the photos and also when viewing the video, I am trying to work out, of course when not pre-occupied trying to do selfie’s !

Now you are also probably wondering from the title of this blog what does T3 have to do with the gym or the title of this blog ?  Remember the video blog I did the other day with all the turtles and do you know what day today is ?  Well, today is exactly one month since Terry departed this earth for heaven.  When I was leaving the gym and crossing the bridge which is over the creek, I look down into the water and noticed that there was a very big turtle swimming at a very rapid rate right towards me like it wanted to get my attention. As I looked down, the turtle quickly stopped and then lifted his head high and look up directly at me.  I truly believe that this turtle was T3 “Terry the Turtle” and that he (Terry) just wanted to take another moment to let me know that all is well with him in heaven and not to worry.  The 2 turtle photos included below in this blog are those of T3 looking up at me !

Luv Gary



37 thoughts on “The Gym Rat and T3

  1. You have much change to contend with …. Terry has been gone a whole month but it is only a month. He’s watching over you …. T3 have you the strongest sign today. Now the moving, the stress of driving and all the packing up. Be gentle on yourself. Only blog of you really feel like it. And make time for you at the gym …. I’m impressed with your regime – and the great facility. I send you hugs and strength for the days ahead. O

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  2. I can’t believe it’s a whole month! I remember when my dad died, I couldn’t understand why the world didn’t stop what it was doing so I could just catch my breath and process what had happened (31 years ago). I think Gym Rat is much more appropriate and what a lovely meeting with T3 💜


  3. Look at you. Good job taking care of yourself in such a healthy way. Love T3. Love that terry is still with you. One month already… still feels like yesterday I spoke to him. Be good to you. Hugs

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  4. Time has flown Gary and so much has happened in a month! I love T3. Yes, Terry definitely is watching over you 🙂 I like the ‘gym rat’ idea, nothing beats a good gym session. Take care of yourself. 🙂


    • Yes, and it is much easy to work out especially without requiring to have a bushy tail ! I have always enjoyed working out and hope to keep it in my daily routine. It’s a good stress release and keeps me from getting too tired mentally.


  5. I believe that Terry is feeding on your memories of him. Having T3 as a friend is such a wonderful thing – truly T3 has been sent to you as a material representative of Terry’s spirit!
    As to bushy tails, take it from me, Gary, even a cat can be a gym rat – at least I am,


  6. So like Terry to let you know through a turtle that all’s well on his side of life…I am glad you are open to him and you will have so much enjoyment out of his humorous ways he shows up.. I truly believe that those that have left our world have special ways of reminding us they are still looking in on us and helping us get through there passing. Love that the pack rat has turned into a gym rat!! Well done….XXxxkat


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