What A Difference A Day Makes

Hey Everyone,

Another quick impromptu video for you.  I enjoying doing them.  I think you get a better perspective of what is going on with me in my life see things in person.  Sorry for the glare in the background, but if you live in Florida it’s hard to hide from the sunshine!

Have a great evening and I’ll be in touch with you (the Lord willing) sometime tomorrow.

Love and Kisses,  Gary

Who Wants to be Mummified…….and the Winner Is?


Hey All,  Went to another Halloween Party this evening at the Patrick Air Force Base Marina and Yacht Club.  There were a lot of people dressed up in their Halloween attire.  I went once again as the “Shah of Twin Sheets” since it was a hit at the other Halloween Party I went to a couple of week ago. Didn’t include that photo here since yu=ou saw it in my other blog.

One of the contests they had was to see which team of three could do the best with covering a person in toilet paper “like a mummy” in a set amount of time.  Our team was the winner as shown in the larger photo at the top og this blog!  I won a Indoor/Outdoor 20 LED Utility Lantern, which will be useful if we ever have a power outage in the RV park.  Sorry the photo was taken after we began to unwrap our Mummy.

The other photos are a select few of some of the other people in costumes at the party.  Sorry the photos are a bit dark, but the lighting in the room was very dim.

The short video at the end is a candy corm relay race contest to see which team could get as many candy corn from one bucket to another by scoping the candy corn up with a large spoon held in your month.  No hands were allowed.

They had chicken wings, potato salad, veggie trays and assorted desserts, to include carmel dipped apples and Halloween cake and cookies.  Of course they had a cash bar as well. All the food was complementary for club members.

It was a nice evening.

Have a great week !

Luv Gary



Cycling in Cocoa Beach !

Hey All,  Did this video and sent it right out from my cell when I was bicycling,  I ended up cycling from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM and covered over 50 miles and peddled up and down many bridges  and other terrain.  Since I haven’t cycled for so long, I will probably be hurting a bit tomorrow.  Have a great rest of your weekend! Luv Gary

Where are We?

Hey Everyone,

It’s Roxy again. I though we we in Florida, the land of warmth and sunshine? I awoke this morning and saw that Gary had the fireplace on and I was totally confused? Don’t know if we moved up north and I was having a bout of Dementia (I am 14 years young you know) or maybe Gary was loosing his mind?

Then it was time to go outside and the temperature shock hit me. It was friggen cold !  In the low 50″s ! I know, I know, you up north would say the 50″s are mild this time of year, but what can I say “I’m a wimp!” Luckily as the day progressed it warmed back up to the mid 70’s, so all it good now and I’m relaxing outside again.

Oh well, I guess I need to get used to the tempersture changes. After all it’s almost November !

Have a great evening

Hugs and Kisses, Roxy20171026_0631161781232073.jpg20171026_164246951521051.jpg

We’re Not Happy Campers Today !


20171025_1702231612950182.jpgHey Everyone,

This is Roxy,

I’m upset, my backyard (my play area) in our spot in the RV park is a real mess !  You recall the video Gary sent you the other day showing all the hard work he did in sprucing up our RV spot and that of out neighbors.  He and I were so happy that we had such a wonderful (natural mature garden) in the rear of our RV spot giving us a really nice view and affording us some privacy from other RV’s.

Well today, this is no more !  While Gary was at the gym yesterday some government contractors came in right during a down-pouring rain and decided to take out half of that garden to eventually put in a concrete pad in the RV spot to our rear.  When Gary cam home and saw what they were doing he was really furious with the workers who did this.  Not only did the mess up the garden but they torn up my back lawn !

Gary asked the workers why they just didn’t pour the concrete into the existing mud hole to the opposite side of the garden where one previously stood, rather to destroy half of the garden space?  The said their template for laying the concrete would not entirely fit in that area.  Interestingly though, when Gary saw them lay down the template today in the area where they will eventually be pouring the concrete, he realized that it would have fit in the original area and even where they currently placed it, it was upsetting to see that they really didn’t need to have removed any of the natural vegetation at all as that area was far enough away from the concrete pad mold ! This was pure stupidity on their part and it makes absolutely no sense that they did this. Stupid government contractors !!!

Also, naturally instead of carefully digging up the vegetation so that it could be transplanted to the rear of the new pad to give that area some character and appeal, they without any thought just plowed into the area and destroyed all the vegetation and took it to the dump.  Government fraud, waste and abuse !!

Supposedly, the supervisor on the base that oversees these contractors from what we here is a bit of a “B…..”.. But Gary does plan to tactfully talk with her in the next few days and ask her if it is the contractors responsibility to replace the vegetation the destroyed and to fix the grass.  I know….we don’t technically own any of the property here, however, as tax payers we all to some degree own a piece of government land and it should be properly protected and we should not let stupid contractors get away with leaving things in despair when they do things in such a destructive manner.  It is Gary’s persistent nature to bring this to some ones attention.  Naturally, the workers can go home each day and enjoy their home, but now Gary and I must look at this eyesore from our back window.  It the government would supply the new vegetation or provide us some funds to fix this area, Gary would happily purchase the plants and do the labor to redo the garden.  After all, he wants to keep me his cherished pet happy so my tail will continue to wag.

So as I said…Gary and I right now are not “Happy Campers”.  On a brighter side we have an awesome view when looking to the front of our RV thru our dining room window.  I am including a photo at the very top of this blog that I just had Gary take of the late sunset for you.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  So, there is always a brighter side to this story.  In this case the front view of our RV.

For now I will need to be eating a lot of treat to keep my stress level down !

Have a great rest of your evenings!  Ruff, Ruff !

You doggie-blogger friend,











Sunsets Don’t Get Better Than This !

20171019_183630_0011222861793.jpg20171019_184202_0012062617600.jpg20171024_0734101986749738.jpgHere we stand beside the Bay

Waiting patiently for the Sun to go away

The sky is clear and we have no fear

Despite the fact that darkness would soon be near

The reason is that as we rest at night

Another day would come with more sunlight !


Hey All,

Hope you enjoyed the short impromptu poem that I just wrote and the photo shots that I took of the sunset, right out the door of our RV.  The third photo was actually taken the next morning in early dawn.  It doesn’t get better than this !  Have a great day.  Luv Gary

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

Hey All….I goofed…the video did not take in this blog and didn’t know how to incorporate it here, so went ahead and did a separate bog titled Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party – Part 2 (The Video)…go check it out !



Hey All,

Had a great opportunity to attend a really nice Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party on Saturday evening.  I was invited to this event by 2 girls that I met at the Pride Parade in Orlando a couple of weeks ago.  The home is owned by 2 really nice guys name Derek and Ken.  They have a really beautiful house and they went all out with Halloween decor’.  Actually it reminded me of what Terry and I used to do in our former home in Dallas, TX when it came to all the Holidays. Naturally, when we down-sized all the holiday decor’ was either sold in our garage sales at pennies on a dollar or just donated to others who could not normally afford such things for their enjoyment. We realized that there just would not be enough room to store all non-essential things in our RV.

So when I entered my new friend’s home, I really could appreciate all the time-consuming work that they did to decorate.  The party was really nice and it also reminded me of the many times that Terry and I would attend these couples group parties and pot lucks at homes of our friends in the Dallas area.  It brought me a bit of comfort to be able to participate once again in a gathering of this kind although now having to do this alone.

I hope you enjoy the video and the other photos of me just being a bit silly posing with all my scary friends.

You will note the photo of the lite jack-o-laterns proudly displayed by the pool in one of the photos.  That was the fruits of our labor!  You will also see in one of the photos the pumpkin that I brought home with me and put on my outdoor table.  I will admit that I actually didn’t do the carving on my pumpkin.  I let a couple of my new friends Dave and David do the actual work on it for me as they never did pumpkin carving before and I wanted to give them the opportunity to excel. You will see them diligently working on my pumpkin in the earlier part of the video.

Have a wonderful day !  Luv Gary





The Big Reveal — Drum Rolls Please

20171014_1448291960646583.jpg20171014_1630401256924547.jpgHey All,

Remember the fireworks video I posted a few days ago ?  I asked you at that time to guess where that fireworks display was taken at.  The closest response I got back was that because I was living in the Orlando area the fireworks video was probably taken from Disney World.  Actually although the answer was close, it was not the correct. My fireworks video was actually taken at the end of the day’s celebration of “Gay Pride” in Orlando, Florida.

I very seldom attend these kind of largely advertised events as the crowds are usually overwhelming and it becomes very hard to find a parking space.  However, being new in town and having nothing to do on that Saturday, I found on-line a meetup group that was going to be attending the event and I decided ….why not join them.  Go have some fun in the heart of Orlando and take in all the music, food, parade and fireworks.  You live only once.

So I contacted the meetup group and being that they were from the area they told me the best suggested place to park and where they were meeting at.  It was a perfect suggestion.  I ended up parking for $ 10 a day at the Orlando Library garage just one block away from the heart of the activities and I successfully meet the group at “World of Beers” which was situated right around the beautiful Ebola Lake in the heart of Orlando where all the events were happening at.

So let’s just keep the rest of my writing short and go right to the photos as they do say pictures speak a thousand words.  Needless to say…. I had a lot of fun attending this festive event with a parade that lasted well over 2 1/2 hours !

Have a great week and enjoy the photos !

Luv, Gary20171014_152717459794174.jpg