“Sun Of A Beach !” 

Hey All,

Just taking a few hours of rest and relaxation this afternoon.  What better place to do this but right on the private Beach on MacDill Air Force Base with the “Sun Off the Beach ! ”  Enjoy the video !  Luv Gary

37 thoughts on “ “Sun Of A Beach !” 

      • Yes, Mike was an analyst at McDill and I have worked as an English instructor for classes for enlisted. It is a beautiful base but unfortunately if I am not there as an instructor and Mike is medically retired, we can’t get on otherwise. But I am glad I visited.


      • My husband begins his treatment for cancer in a shot form this week at the VA in North Tampa. His cancer was in remission but now has metatiszied. However, it was caught early and they are very encouraging about survival rates. Many have lived for a decade longer. We are cautiously optimistic. I can’t read your blog without tearing up as I am frightened. Bit by bit I will because it may have much to teach me about Michael’s condition. He has not yet been referred to Moffit. Thank you for listening.


        • Yes, Cancer really sucks. We were dealing with Terry’s for nearly 2 years. They have done wonders with cancer, however, in Terry’s case nothing worked. Went thru so much Chemo, Radiation, Operative procedures and Immnotherapy, but his cancer was so aggressive and very invasive. Just continued to get more discouraging news each time something was done. Wishing in our case things worked out more favorably. Feel free to vent anytime you need to.

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    • Will be leaving Tampa on this Wed, 4 Oct as the air base only allows us to stay here for 6 months at a time and also the winter season is completely booked here. So will go to Patrick AFB in Coco Beach for the next 6 months and then return here in the Spring for another 6 months.

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  1. If you do stay longer and have a sweet tooth, find Craving Doughnuts, one of our sweet friends who has a mobile diner with a base in downtown Tampa. She worked with us at our cupcakerie when we were open. You won’t be disappointed.


  2. glad you had time to relax. and the beach to yourself! beautiful! It really was a gorgeous day her today too. Fall is trying to come, but summer doesn’t want to let it 🙂


  3. haha! That was such fun to watch you scaring the birds away, Gary! Glad you had such a lovely day on the beach! And on Oct.1 too – here in Berlin, Germany it´s rainy and cold, winter´s definitely coming nearer each day. Have a happy day! 🙂


    • Yes Miss Gentileschi, the weather was beautiful for most of the day. Did get a short spell of rain at about 2 PM. Sorry it’s rainy and cold in Berlin. I really love your city! I used to spend a lot of time there in the late 80’s when I lived in in Darmtadt Germany. I used to drive to Berlin once a month from central Germany and loved the liveliness of your city. At that time Checkpoint Charlie was active due to the Berlin Wall. I used to travel back and forth between East and West Berlin. Loved to shop, eat and go to concerts in East Berlin and then come back to West Berlin later in the night and enjoy the company of West Berliner’s in the pubs, etc; Have such found memories there. Gary

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      • Hi Gary! It was wonderful to read about your fond memories of my city! 😀 Who knows, maybe our ways have crossed at some point or another 😉 (Although I was still a child then 😉 ). It must have been such an exciting time back then! Maybe you´ll come back someday to visit, then we can meet and you can tell me all about it 😀
        Wish you a very lovely day! Sarah 🙂


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