“On The Road Again”

Hey All,

Had to send this Willie Nelson song out to you. It’s a prelude to my big move in the morning from Tampa, Florida to Coco Beach, Florida.  I finally have everything packed up within the RV and successfully (with some help) have the  RV hooked up to my truck.  Just need to disconnect water and electricity in the morning, close the sliders, do an overall last minute check to ensure everything is securely tied down and then get Roxy into the truck and we are off to our new home away from home.! A little bit stressful, but also exciting to try out a new area and to explore what it has to offer.  So….on the road again!  Luv Gary

33 thoughts on ““On The Road Again”

  1. How exciting, and Coco Beach is so beautiful,, but lets be truthful, I don’t think there is a bad beach in all of Florida…LOL Enjoy your travels….give Roxy a little hug for me….xxkat


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