The Eagle Has Landed

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post for now to let you know that I arrived safely to Patrick Air Force Base in Coco Beach , Florida on Wednesday at around 2 PM.  The drive went well with no incident.  Had a little difficulty backing into my RV spot primarily due to my inexperience with maneuvering the 5th wheel in the direction that I want it to go and a bit of apprehension and fear that the 5th wheel bubble (the front of the RV) would turn too drastically when backing up and end up hitting the back window of the truck like it happened before in Dallas when we first got our RV and truck.  Luckily after about 30 minutes of messing with this, I finally got into my spot with the help of my older brother guiding me.

The photos above just give you a quick look at the front and the rear view of the area from my RV spot.  The weather has been rainy ever since I arrived on Wednesday, so it has been too hard to get things set up the way I want them outside and the grass in the front and back is basically a field of weeds and puddles right now.  I tried to take these few photos when the rain stopped a bit.  From the rear of the RV the view is basically of a small pond with some dead shrubs and weeds behind a chain link fence to the front of the pond.  Not the best photo as I took it from inside the RV and not the best view, but at least its private.  Can’t really access the pond because of the chain link fence, but at least I can see some water behind the brush.  The RV spots here are a bit cramped, and the availability of spots was a bit limited due to the damages and the significant flooding that occurred here from the hurricanes a few weeks ago, so I tried to get the best spot that was available that afforded me the most privacy.  There may be an opportunity to eventually move to another spot once the other RV pads get repaired by the engineers on base in the next few weeks, but not sure I want to hassle with making the short move because once I’m settled in and have everything back on the counters and the interior of the RV clean, hate to have to disrupt everything again just to move to another spot, to maybe be a few feet closer to the larger body of water near here.

Naturally  I will be taking a lot more photos and doing many videos of the area in the forthcoming weeks as I become better acquainted with the area and the weather becomes or favorable.  For now, just pray for sunshine !

Luv Gary


32 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed

  1. I’m taking some time to catch up, reading your back posts. Wow, you leave for just one little year, and it’s amazing to see all the things that go on! Anyway, the hubs and I are planning some extended travel on OUR LIST, so I’ll be keeping track of you a little more closely in the future! Stay dry! ~ Lynn

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    • Ran finally stopped on Friday and surprisingly the sun stayed out all day ! So I spruced up my yard (and the neighbors adjacent to me on either side as well) by mowing and trimming all the lawns. Feels more like home now after getting all the high grass cut back.

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