I’m Excited !


Hey All,

Just found out that there is a great deal available to me now that I’m living here on Patrick AFB in Coco Beach. Just 13 miles from here are the cruise line ports. There is place there called Victory Casino Cruises which has the biggest and best casino cruise ships. For just $ 28 dollars there is a military special that after paying that amount, you get back $ 20 in slot machine money and get a free buffet coupon as well and you can cruise for 5 hours in the afternoon or evening 7 days a week on the Atlantic Ocean and have fun at the casino and to top this all off…the parking at the port is complimentary ! May try this out tonight or tomorrow to see if the “# 13 miles drive from here” turns out to be lucky for me and I defy the ” unlucky 13 stigma”. Roxy encourages me to go as she know if I win big there will be a lot more treats for her !!  I am sure if I go I will have a chance to take some cool photos and maybe do a video or two to post in the near future. Luv Gary

24 thoughts on “I’m Excited !

  1. Gary, I am sure you will get lucky and with Roxy on the case too it might be double lucky! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! And I will defer calling you til after the weekend 😉 x


  2. I went on one of those gambling ships off the coast of New Orleans. I walked in and immediately found a quarter!
    “Lucky you!” everybody said!
    Damn skippy! Picked up that quarter, stuck it in my pocket and walked out 25 cents richer than when I walked in!
    Still catching shit about that one. LOL (I’ve never gambled in my life.)

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