Cruising, Boozing and Definitely Not Snoozing !

Had 20171008_0111551759165288.jpg

Had a blast last night.  The photo was taken about 1:30 AM while we were heading back into the port.

When I went yesterday to purchase the ticket at our Travel office on the airbase, I was initially disappointed because they told me that they ran out of the discounted cruise tickets.  So, I called the Casio cruise line office and asked them if there was some way that they could honor the military discount directly with them.  About 1 hour later, I got a call from the promotions director of the cruise line who went ahead and made  reservations for me for the cruise boat ride, the buffet and arranged for the $ 20 dollars in promotional slot play money and said that she was doing the entire cruise promotion package for free for me at no charge !  That was fantastic and greatly appreciated.

The second video is of people having fun on the desk of the boat, just dancing the night away.  Sorry no bogy blogging for me this time !!  I know you miss the ones Terry used to do !!  Had to send this second video as a separate Blog, because didn’t know how to incorporate it into this one.



10 thoughts on “Cruising, Boozing and Definitely Not Snoozing !

  1. What fun… I had heard about the casino cruise ships in Biloxi Mississippi when we went through there, but we had our border collie and were not able to check them out….I am glad you went, looks like for a great time….love the video….Terry would of really loved this, I am sure he was right there with you… XXXX


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