Another “Terry” Encounter !

While driving on the base yesterday morning enroute to the gymnasium, I couldn’t help but to admire the beauty of the Indian River which I could see out of my driver’s window. Then suddenly out of no where, this beautiful “little egret” as shown in the photo came out to greet me. Could this be another sighting of Terry ? His last visit to me as you recall was as a tortoise. I wish I would have captured the actual positon of the bird “Terry” when it was staring directly at me, but I wasn’t quick enough to catch that exact moment. This exchange just like the last time was very brief, but just enough of a visit to one again let me know that Terry’s spirit is still present with me and that he continues to wish me future happiness in life, despite his recent departure to a better place. Luv, Gary


16 thoughts on “Another “Terry” Encounter !

  1. Beautiful. I visited my dad’s tree in a state of some distress at the weekend and as I was saying goodbye a squirrel ran across a few yards in front of me. I stood and watched for a minute and said ‘thank you’, looked down, and there was a white feather at my foot.


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  3. I love that Terry took on the shape shifter spirit…LOL leave it up to him to shake it up….I love that he is making sure your okay….just take in his spirit when and where he shows up, love this…xxkat


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