Visit to the Beach on the Atlantic Ocean

Hey All,  Did a video on the beach on the Atlantic Ocean, right across the street from Patrick Air Force Base.  The video has an interesting ending as I didn’t realize the recording button was still on. There’s probably an easy way to edit the video, but I didn’t want to mess it up or inadvertently delete it.  So, it may make you a bit dizzy at the end, sorry !   In addition, I’ve also included a couple of other photos for you above.  The one of the beach was taken in the same vicinity of where I did this video.  The other two photos were take on the Indian River side of the air base directly opposite the Atlantic Ocean,  Enjoy !! Gary

25 thoughts on “Visit to the Beach on the Atlantic Ocean

  1. looks beautiful! Still crazy warm here – 80 degrees F high. Still have A/C on! So strange for this time of year! I’m guessing we’ll be in for a rude, abrupt waking soon!


  2. My husband reported that it was 80 degrees in Massachusetts on Sunday …. I do not believe it will last there but you, of course will continue to be sunshine and oranges down there in Florida. I rather liked the end of the movie … very art house 😉

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    • Thanks Osyth. I remember as a kid those long Indian summers in Massachusetts and then you get hit so quick with freezing weather! Seems some years you go from summer directly into winter and you wonder whatever happen to fall, other the leave color change on the tree of course. Glad you enjoyed the end of the video, I thought it was a bit interesting as well. Luv, Gary


  3. Beautiful photos, Gary! And thank you much for showing us the ocean – I love and miss it so much! My last holidays was 3 years ago!! 😂
    Oh and may I give you a little tip? If you hold your phone horizontal whilst filming then you can get rid off the big black stripes that appear later in the video and also show more of your surroundings without having to get dizzy by turning around your own axis 😉😄 Many hugs! Sarah 😄


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