Patrick Air Force Base Social Activities

Hey All,

Been on Patrick Air Force Base in Coco Beach, FL for just a little over one week and I’m pretty much settled in.  I am trying to get as involved in the community that I can so that I remain active.   I am doing my best to go to the gymnasium for a couple of hours each day because I think it is important to try to stay in shape.  Right across the street from the gymnasium is the Base Library.  I went over there the other day and got myself a library card.  The library has a wide selection of DVD’s that can be signed out for a week (6 maximum at a tie and they are free of charge!)  Since the RV park doesn’t have cable service capability I am kind of stuck with basic TV (antenna service only) here (although the antenna reception is great and I get me the main channels and some others up to about 40 or so) but it is nice that I can supplement the basic TV with the capability to occasionally watch a DVD movie and it is very convenient for me to just swap a few movies out every few days when leaving the gym and on my way back home (saves me time rather than having to make two trips).  At some point I might look into getting DISH service, which I think is available, but I will wait a few weeks to re-evaluate if I actually think this will be necessary.  Also in the park free Whi-Fi is available but only in the club house, so when I want to access the internet from my RV I must do it via my hotspot, which has been working fine for me thus far.  I have 10 GB’s available per month, which so far seems to be sufficient for me thus far.  Only issue is that when I am on my cell phone, I can’t simultaneously be on the internet, but I am adjusting to working around this.

I also joined 2 social clubs on base this past week.  One is the Tides Club and the other the Marina Club.  The monthly dues are very reasonable….$ 10/month for the Tides Club and $ 9/month for the Marina Club.  As a member of the Tides Club you get a 10 % discount on all meals, they have a monthly complementary breakfast for  members, they do the Bingo Wednesday nights (with $ 5 off your bingo  package) and you have the complementary spread of food  items prior to the bingo which I described in a former post. They also have several other complementary events throughout the year and also snacks and giveaways if you go in there on football Sundays. As a member of the Marina Club you get a weekly free hot food snacks on Friday happy hour, plus you are automatically  entered to possibly win the weekly jackpot which is currently $ 1,000. Once a month this club offers a free Pancake breakfast, they have a quarterly appreciation dinner, run special customer parties for things like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc;  Also on Wednesdays they have a Trivia Team contest with prize giveaways and the also have on Sunday’s a football frenzy get together with free food and snacks.

Snowboard season in the RV park really doesn’t start until mid November, but once the park gets completely full here I also understand that there are a number of activities that are coordinated directly here such as pot lucks, karaoke nights, poker nights, bingo, day trip excursions, etc.

All the above is in addition to other activities that happen on the base like special Halloween Parties, family cookout events, sports team championships, craft work activities, the movie theater that has current movies that can be see at reasonable rates.

So as you can see…there are so many things to keep me occupied just here on base, however future posts will discuss some other things I have been doing as well to keep me well-rounded.

The attached photos are the monthly leaflets from the Tides and the Marina Club just to give you a further appreciation of what they have to offer.  Sorry the quality of those photos aren’t the best.

Luv Gary



18 thoughts on “Patrick Air Force Base Social Activities

  1. Although we never lived on base, I spent many a happy day in the Officer’s Club Pool when I was a kid. My Dad was stationed at Patrick – worked at Canaveral. We lived in Satellite Beach. Lots of changes over the years! Just learned that the astronaut’s (and my father’s) favorite hang, the Surf is no more – and Cocoa Beach demolished the building this summer. End of an era. ::sigh::
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”


      • Time marches on – relentless – lol.

        It holds a special place in my memories. I had my very first “mixed drink” at the Surf – a Shirley Temple (no alcohol) with a little umbrella and maraschino cherries, when my father took me in to introduce me as we were driving by. I was probably about 10 or 11. I have never felt quite so grown up and special.

        The umbrella didn’t last long, but for many years I treasured the matchbook that bars and restaurants used to hand out like candy at Halloween – and now that it is gone I’m sort of sorry I don’t have it still.

        I’m sorry that particular Cocoa Beach icon is no longer there for YOU to experience as well, Gary.


  2. Great news about the library and the DVDs – I only have limited channels here and it is so nice to be able to pop a movie on when one feels like it. We have a great library network in Grenoble and one of them is dedicated to lending DVDs.

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    • I agree Osyth. It’s a convenient benefit to have the library accessible to sign out DVD’s. It’s nice to have this backup when there is nothing on TV and you just want to pop in a movie of your choice and relax. Luv Gary

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      • Do what you have to do, but don’t be afraid to grieve either. Gary – the whole first year is going to be hard with each first this or that. It is ok. It is also ok to have fun and discover new things and move on with life. So don’t feel bad if that is how you feel. We all grieve and deal with loss differently – and every way is ok – just be kind to yourself – and know you are cared about! xo


  3. Sounds like you’ve got a wonderful selection of activities to choose from! I was going to suggest, if you were dissatisfied with your TV viewing selection, that you try Hulu, Roku or Amazon Digital…but then you mentioned the lack of Wi-Fi and so I don’t think any of those will work. Netflix too has a wonderful selection and surprising variety of shows to watch. But it sounds like you have enough to occupy your time without TV. Hugs to Roxie girl. Thanks for sharing your world! 🙂


    • Thanks Embeece, Appreciate the info and yes, you are right, for right now with all that I am trying to do to keep busy, probably don’t need to go overboard on too much TV although I do miss the 24/7 national news channels like Fox and CNN and some of the other channel like the Hallmark movies, etc


  4. Gary, it sounds like you have lots of opportunities right there on base and that you are taking good care of yourself in so many ways! Enjoy! This all sounds like a blessing for you at this time! Hugs!


      • I do hope you are taking time to feel the feelings and grieve too Gary. Please know from my own experience, there is no escape from the grieving process. All that you are doing is healthy and helpful, but there is no substitute for grieving. This has to be done in your own way and in your own time. It has been my experience that it actually gets harder months later when everything seems to go back to normal for everyone else. So my thoughts are with you Gary. And I am hear if you ever need to talk. Hugs!!!


  5. Wow! That’s quite a lot of activities on offer! I think I would feel overwhelmed! Grabing some DVDs is always good, I usually do this at my local library which has an astounding display and always the latest movies too – all for free!
    Have a happy day, Gary! Hugs! Sarah 😄


  6. Looks like you could do something everyday if you like…that’s nice you have the choices…living in a snowbird town, all the excitement starts on November 1st here as well. I am a member of the community pool, which is full of snowbirds in the winter and they have quite an extensive list of activities for the month. I have never gone to any, but its nice they offer so much for those who come…glad your getting settled in….sorry I am so scarce on here…now that the weather has cooled off I am outside a lot more..xxkat


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