Bicycling Through The Countryside of France Today !

Hey all now that I got your attention through my blog title, I was actually bicycling through the countryside of France today at the Patrick Air Force Base Gym via the virtual bike video screens that they have there on their aerobics equipment.  You can key in all kinds of places around different parts of the world or go to many of our National Parks in the states or pick a type of terrain you would enjoy seeing on a particular day such as the mountains, the deserts, the ocean, the prairies, the forests, and then just bike to your hearts content right there in the safety of the gym while feeling like you are actually right in the environment that’s on your screen. “Osyth” from Halfbaked  will really enjoy this because right now she is living temporarily in France.  The video screens help to take the boredom out of just bicycling in one place and looking at the blank white walls.

I will end this post by attaching a few more photos of the other rooms at the Patrick Air Force Base gym and after this consider my gym rat series of posts of giving you tours of different parts the gym here to be complete as I will have many other things to share with you in the weeks ahead.  The remaining photos will give you the impression that the gym here on base is not that busy, but it actually it gets very busy.  I have just been taking the photos during non-peak times.  Enjoy.  Gary

26 thoughts on “Bicycling Through The Countryside of France Today !

  1. That sounds very cool Gary! You might want to see if you can bike in Tucson, AZ. We lived there for eight years… it is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing a bit of France with us! ♥️


  2. I thought you’d rented a dvd of The Tour de France! We spend a lot of our time – far too much in my case – glued to the screen watching the pro-cyclists, the scenery is stunning and I’m not just talking about the men in lycra 😄


  3. Oh Gary – thank you for that! So lovely to imagine you cycling quite nearby. In fact, I picked up from the road sign that you in Castenet le Haut which is pretty much straight due west from me. Very very beautiful and I hope some day you will visit France and be my guest as we explore some of the areas you have not been to. Bikes optional! Love O

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  4. What fun, and to be in France….Osyth was right there with you….what a great idea, I have heard of this but never had the chance to try it out….make the journey so much more fun on the bike…xxKAt


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