Good Morning Fellow Bloggers !

Hey Fellow Bloggers,

It’s late Wednesday night, but I guess it’s actually early Thursday morning by now for me and I am still up.  I went to my Wednesday night Bingo at the Tides Beach Club which is an establishment owned and operated by Patrick Air Force Base, here in Coco Beach.  The evening starts with a full complementary dinner buffet (for club members) beginning at 5 PM and then the Bingo Games begin at 6 PM.  I usually don’t get back from the event till after 11 PM.  Last week (my first time) I didn’t win anything, but tonight I was a $ 75 dollar winner !!  I guess that means more Doggie treats for Roxy !!

Being it is so late, I thought I send the above video I did of just a small segment of some of the beautiful fireworks that I was fortunate to view with some new friends that I met this past weekend.  I will have much more to post about that event later on in the week with a lot of pictures.  You won’t be disappointed. At this point I’ll just keep you in suspense.  Trust me….you will enjoy the follow-one photos coming up in my future post.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Luv,  Gary

27 thoughts on “Good Morning Fellow Bloggers !

  1. Thanks for the spectacular display! I don’t like attending firework displays, too noisy and smoky, but love watching them on tv. Glad you had a great time at bingo, congratulations on your winnings 😊 My mother-in-law used the love her bingo nights, but for some reason she always seemed to win hearth rugs! 😄


  2. Hi Gary. I was away for awhile and just caught up and learned of Terry’s passing. I wanted to extend to you my sympathy and condolences. I can’t find words for what I am feeling or what I want to say. I hope you are ok and that you are feeling at peace. I’ll miss him and his positive spirit and I will continue to follow alongside you ❤


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