The Shah of Twin Sheets

20171020_2156341964442189.jpgHi Everyone,

It’s Gary,  now better known as the Shah of Twin Sheets! (Will explain later) I sent you all the above photos from a second social event that I went to on Friday evening, after I left Happy Hour at the Marina and Yacht Club on Patrick AFB.  This second event was held in Melborne, FL at Uno’s Pizzeria which was about a 20 minutes ride from the airbase. I found this other event from a cool social media site called Meetup.  The Meetup site is a wonderful tool to make new friends and to find new and interesting on-going events and groups in whatever area you are in.  When you log into this site, establish a basic profile with your interests and put in your location and determine how far of a range you want the search to go out for, it will bring up all kinds of different groups and evens such as Singles over 50+, Hiking/Jogging groups, Beer drinking groups, Traveling groups, Dinning groups, Bicycling  groups, Theater groups, Nature Groups, Gay and Lesbian groups, etc;  You just look through all the groups that show up that are most closely related to your interests and then based on what you read about them on each site page you just sign up to request to become a member of the groups that you want to join.  It will then automatically post the profile information that you initially established on Meetup and populate the info along with your picture to the sites of interest.  Most groups don’t cost anything to join, but some have a small nominal charge of maybe 5 to 10 dollars a year, that you don’t generally have to pay until after you go thru a few week’s of a trial period to first determine if the particular groups you selected and actually participated in after an event or two were truly good for you. You can also request to receive auto emails on the upcoming or future events of each group and then simply hit the button to indicate which events you plan to attend.  When you do this it will show you how many have signed up for a particular event and even let you see each of the profiles of the prospective attendees.  It’s a pretty cool way to never have to be a stranger in a new area or in the current area that you live (if you want to expand your horizons) to make all kinds of new and interesting friends.

This particular group that I interacted with on Friday evening was call “New In Town Melborne”.  The event naturally was a Halloween Party and it was being held in conjunction with a benefit for the local fire department in Melborne.  There were several 50-50 raffles with cool gift or cash prizes. There were about 40 attendees that showed up for this particular event that were from all walks of life…such as nurses, automation programmers, engineers, pharmaceutical representatives, young adults still in college, teachers, business owners, etc and the age group ran anywhere from the early 20’s to about early 70’s.  So quite mixed,  which made it interesting.

So, when deciding to go to this event…I was a bit stressed into what to dress up as? I was determined not to have to go out and actually buy an off-the-shelf costume (especially since we recently down-sized and got rid of all the Halloween stuff when leaving Dallas).  I just did not want to accumulate a lot of this new holiday stuff in the limited space that I have in the RV and eventually make my living area too cluttered or lose my limited storage space. So when I walked out of the door on Friday evening, as a last minute thought I just grabbed a white twin sheet that was left her in our RV from one of the former ambulance services that previously transported Terry back to our RV from the hospital several months ago. At that point I had no idea what I planned to do with the sheet, but wanted to bring it, along with a terry cloth bathrobe belt.  My plans were to scope out how many folks had actually dressed up for this Halloween event upon my arrival because I wanted to blend right in and not end up being the only one dressed up or only one not dressed up in the group.  When I arrived to the restaurant and saw that most entering were in costume, I had a bright idea.  While in the truck, I quickly cut a hole in the middle of the white sheet, but it around my head, tied the tan terry cloth belt around my head to keep everything in place and then proceeded to enter into the establishment for the group party.

When I entered the room and the announcer at the door asked me to state who I was and where I came from …. I very boldly stated….I have traveled on my camel from a very long distance  and that I am the “Shah of Twin Sheets”.  Everyone in the room then proceeded to clap and began to laugh and the rest of the evening was history!  I became a big hit and fit right into the group and actually came in second place for the best and most original costume !   Not bad for an impromptu creative idea at the very last minute !!

Luv Gary



25 thoughts on “The Shah of Twin Sheets

  1. Genius! Such a brilliant costume and I love the name … well done for breaking the ice and diving into a new group. It takes guts but it looks as thought the rewards were copious – a lovely lively group of people and good times xo

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  2. Great improvisation! Dress-up would be my nightmare. Glad you had a good time. It’s not easy making new friends as you get older. I admire your determination to get out and about 💜


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