The Big Reveal — Drum Rolls Please

20171014_1448291960646583.jpg20171014_1630401256924547.jpgHey All,

Remember the fireworks video I posted a few days ago ?  I asked you at that time to guess where that fireworks display was taken at.  The closest response I got back was that because I was living in the Orlando area the fireworks video was probably taken from Disney World.  Actually although the answer was close, it was not the correct. My fireworks video was actually taken at the end of the day’s celebration of “Gay Pride” in Orlando, Florida.

I very seldom attend these kind of largely advertised events as the crowds are usually overwhelming and it becomes very hard to find a parking space.  However, being new in town and having nothing to do on that Saturday, I found on-line a meetup group that was going to be attending the event and I decided ….why not join them.  Go have some fun in the heart of Orlando and take in all the music, food, parade and fireworks.  You live only once.

So I contacted the meetup group and being that they were from the area they told me the best suggested place to park and where they were meeting at.  It was a perfect suggestion.  I ended up parking for $ 10 a day at the Orlando Library garage just one block away from the heart of the activities and I successfully meet the group at “World of Beers” which was situated right around the beautiful Ebola Lake in the heart of Orlando where all the events were happening at.

So let’s just keep the rest of my writing short and go right to the photos as they do say pictures speak a thousand words.  Needless to say…. I had a lot of fun attending this festive event with a parade that lasted well over 2 1/2 hours !

Have a great week and enjoy the photos !

Luv, Gary20171014_152717459794174.jpg


27 thoughts on “The Big Reveal — Drum Rolls Please

    • Got to do it. Have to remain upbeat and live life to the fullest especially after what happened to Terry…More than ever now I realize how short our lives are and what our futures hold are really somewhat out of our full control..

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  1. What an awesome event! Totally love your pictures, Gary! Especially the ones with you and the lady in pink and violett and the one with the dog that stares so straight into the camera with its tongue lolling out! 😀 So glad you had a good time! Hugs! Sarah 🙂


  2. I absolutely LOVE ‘Pride’ events and have been to several … the fact that I am not Gay never means I am side-lined … it is just so wonderful to celebrate my LGBT friends. The Orlando bash looks like a really fabulous one and your pictures really do speak many thousands of words. I have to say my favourite is the dog at the end who appears to have no ears! So pleased you had a wonderful time with new friends. We do only live once and we owe it to those we loved who passed before to live every moment. 🌈

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