Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

Hey All….I goofed…the video did not take in this blog and didn’t know how to incorporate it here, so went ahead and did a separate bog titled Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party – Part 2 (The Video)…go check it out !



Hey All,

Had a great opportunity to attend a really nice Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party on Saturday evening.  I was invited to this event by 2 girls that I met at the Pride Parade in Orlando a couple of weeks ago.  The home is owned by 2 really nice guys name Derek and Ken.  They have a really beautiful house and they went all out with Halloween decor’.  Actually it reminded me of what Terry and I used to do in our former home in Dallas, TX when it came to all the Holidays. Naturally, when we down-sized all the holiday decor’ was either sold in our garage sales at pennies on a dollar or just donated to others who could not normally afford such things for their enjoyment. We realized that there just would not be enough room to store all non-essential things in our RV.

So when I entered my new friend’s home, I really could appreciate all the time-consuming work that they did to decorate.  The party was really nice and it also reminded me of the many times that Terry and I would attend these couples group parties and pot lucks at homes of our friends in the Dallas area.  It brought me a bit of comfort to be able to participate once again in a gathering of this kind although now having to do this alone.

I hope you enjoy the video and the other photos of me just being a bit silly posing with all my scary friends.

You will note the photo of the lite jack-o-laterns proudly displayed by the pool in one of the photos.  That was the fruits of our labor!  You will also see in one of the photos the pumpkin that I brought home with me and put on my outdoor table.  I will admit that I actually didn’t do the carving on my pumpkin.  I let a couple of my new friends Dave and David do the actual work on it for me as they never did pumpkin carving before and I wanted to give them the opportunity to excel. You will see them diligently working on my pumpkin in the earlier part of the video.

Have a wonderful day !  Luv Gary





15 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

  1. When you right the words rather than say them out loud Gary and Scary rhyme …. no wonder you love Halloween so much (and no-where in the World does Halloween like the USA …. not even close) particularly when we remember you are from the epicenter of scary – Salem, its gorgeous self. Loved this post (want the chandelier in the pumpkin cutting room) and so pleased to see a socializing Gary 🤗


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