We’re Not Happy Campers Today !


20171025_1702231612950182.jpgHey Everyone,

This is Roxy,

I’m upset, my backyard (my play area) in our spot in the RV park is a real mess !  You recall the video Gary sent you the other day showing all the hard work he did in sprucing up our RV spot and that of out neighbors.  He and I were so happy that we had such a wonderful (natural mature garden) in the rear of our RV spot giving us a really nice view and affording us some privacy from other RV’s.

Well today, this is no more !  While Gary was at the gym yesterday some government contractors came in right during a down-pouring rain and decided to take out half of that garden to eventually put in a concrete pad in the RV spot to our rear.  When Gary cam home and saw what they were doing he was really furious with the workers who did this.  Not only did the mess up the garden but they torn up my back lawn !

Gary asked the workers why they just didn’t pour the concrete into the existing mud hole to the opposite side of the garden where one previously stood, rather to destroy half of the garden space?  The said their template for laying the concrete would not entirely fit in that area.  Interestingly though, when Gary saw them lay down the template today in the area where they will eventually be pouring the concrete, he realized that it would have fit in the original area and even where they currently placed it, it was upsetting to see that they really didn’t need to have removed any of the natural vegetation at all as that area was far enough away from the concrete pad mold ! This was pure stupidity on their part and it makes absolutely no sense that they did this. Stupid government contractors !!!

Also, naturally instead of carefully digging up the vegetation so that it could be transplanted to the rear of the new pad to give that area some character and appeal, they without any thought just plowed into the area and destroyed all the vegetation and took it to the dump.  Government fraud, waste and abuse !!

Supposedly, the supervisor on the base that oversees these contractors from what we here is a bit of a “B…..”.. But Gary does plan to tactfully talk with her in the next few days and ask her if it is the contractors responsibility to replace the vegetation the destroyed and to fix the grass.  I know….we don’t technically own any of the property here, however, as tax payers we all to some degree own a piece of government land and it should be properly protected and we should not let stupid contractors get away with leaving things in despair when they do things in such a destructive manner.  It is Gary’s persistent nature to bring this to some ones attention.  Naturally, the workers can go home each day and enjoy their home, but now Gary and I must look at this eyesore from our back window.  It the government would supply the new vegetation or provide us some funds to fix this area, Gary would happily purchase the plants and do the labor to redo the garden.  After all, he wants to keep me his cherished pet happy so my tail will continue to wag.

So as I said…Gary and I right now are not “Happy Campers”.  On a brighter side we have an awesome view when looking to the front of our RV thru our dining room window.  I am including a photo at the very top of this blog that I just had Gary take of the late sunset for you.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  So, there is always a brighter side to this story.  In this case the front view of our RV.

For now I will need to be eating a lot of treat to keep my stress level down !

Have a great rest of your evenings!  Ruff, Ruff !

You doggie-blogger friend,











39 thoughts on “We’re Not Happy Campers Today !

  1. oh dear Roxy! I’m glad you and Gary are able to look on the bright side of things (out the front)! Hopefully things will get worked out and you can go back to being happy campers. No matter how it turns out – still be happy campers – K?! 🙂

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  2. Roxy, I am sorry for this huge disappointment! Maybe if you give Gary lots of love it will help him to be able to face this challenge and find a resolution… until then, enjoy that beautiful view from the front of your camper! 🐾

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    • Me too, but I am not going to be too confident that this will happen so that I don’t become too disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Knowing the way the government works, there is a lot of red tape and sometime when you think there are situations that can be easily resolved yo find out trying to do somethings becomes a real nightmare! . thanks for stopping by! Roxy

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  3. Dear Roxy …. this is your French friend, The Bean. I have seized my Mummy’ s phone from her because I cannot contain my rage and indignation on your behalf. Meat, as we both know well because we are doggies, is for us to eat not to be stored in bozo human’s heads. Apart from spoiling your garden, ripping our plants and throwing them away is rude vandalism. Tell Daddy that my Mummy is happy that he is stubborn and that he should do battle with the B lady and in the meantime you BOTH Need treats (he should have his own ones though … don’t let him steal yours even though dog treats are the best treats). Love from me in France 🐾🐾💛

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    • Thank you my dear French Doggie friend “The Bean” I appreciate all your support during these stressful times. Yes, Gary can get very direct with people in dealing with thee kinds of things but he heard that the lady who oversees those contractors is truly the biggest “B…..” Hate to say that exact word for about what she is for obvious reasons, after all I am a female doggie! No problem concerning the treats for Gary. As I am responding to this, Gary just got up and got a really large and delicious looking cookie form our freezer at 3:30 AM in the morning ….really ? Take care “The Bean”. Come here to Florida for a visit sometime (when you have a chance) so we can play!

      Your Doggie-Blogger Buddy Roxy

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      • I most certainly will come and see you in Florida — I’ve been in Airplanes lots of times (they let me go in the cabin because I am very small) or I can just relax in the car and let her do the driving … I’m a good hearted girl 🐾🐾

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  4. Oh no, Roxy …that really is not nice. I am so sorry your garden has been destroyed. It must so frustrating when that happens, it is as if the contractors just don’t care. I really hope Gary manages to sort it all out and then you will be happy campers again….and your tail will wag. 🙂 x

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  5. Aw. 😦 But aren’t government workers of that sort in general (sorry, being a bit of a b* myself …it’s just my nature, I was born like that….) hired for their brawn, not their brains nor common sense? My mommy says often that she thinks Government Intelligence is something called an ”oxymoron” with emphasis on the “moron” part. I’m sorry they destroyed your mini-Eden with their stupidity and machines…hopefully your dad will restore it to a bit of it’s former glory and once again you’ll have green grass to romp on and beauty to surround you. Princess Diamond the Hunydog..

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  6. Oh no! That’s awful news! I’m so sorry to hear that your lovely backyard is no more. Hope Gary is going to be successful for both of you! Sending you lots if strength and virtual treats! 😄🐶🐾🍗


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