Where are We?

Hey Everyone,

It’s Roxy again. I though we we in Florida, the land of warmth and sunshine? I awoke this morning and saw that Gary had the fireplace on and I was totally confused? Don’t know if we moved up north and I was having a bout of Dementia (I am 14 years young you know) or maybe Gary was loosing his mind?

Then it was time to go outside and the temperature shock hit me. It was friggen cold !  In the low 50″s ! I know, I know, you up north would say the 50″s are mild this time of year, but what can I say “I’m a wimp!” Luckily as the day progressed it warmed back up to the mid 70’s, so all it good now and I’m relaxing outside again.

Oh well, I guess I need to get used to the tempersture changes. After all it’s almost November !

Have a great evening

Hugs and Kisses, Roxy20171026_0631161781232073.jpg20171026_164246951521051.jpg

32 thoughts on “Where are We?

  1. Roxy, you are not alone! Our “other Roxy” here in Idaho absolutely HATES the cold! She likes to lie on the heat register on the floor! And going outside? Well don’t anyone even suggest that she put her little princess feet in the cold, wet grass! We have to force her, and she comes back in as quickly as possible! What a wimp! ~ Lynn


  2. we had to light a fire here today too Roxy! And I don’t like fires! They snap and crackle and pop and scare me! You are lucky it got warm and you got to lay in the sun! Enjoy!!! love, charlie


  3. Dear Roxy – it’s your Frenchie friend, The Bean again (woof) … I feel you pain. Yesterday we went out in the sunshine and it hit 80 degrees and I was very happy. Today my mummy said we had to go out for my ‘constitutional’ and it was bitterly cold. And they tell me the temperature is not going to go above 70 again all winter. Now. How do I get to Florida because you look VERY relaxed in your basket in the sunshine and this is what I need in my life too. Take care and above all things REFUSE to go out when it is cold. Just shiver – we chihuahua types are very good at the shiver!! Love from your doggie bloggie friend 🐾🐾 PS: Now its blowing a gale. I am SO not going out again – ever!!!


  4. What is it you Yanks say: has someone been at the Coolaid?!! I feel like I turned my back for 2 seconds and the you’ve all gone doolally 😄 I’m sorry, I’m English, I can’t pretend to be a dog! We had sun today and even though it was a maximum of 12C, I was sat outside watching the birds. A beautiful day. 💜


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