Who Wants to be Mummified…….and the Winner Is?


Hey All,  Went to another Halloween Party this evening at the Patrick Air Force Base Marina and Yacht Club.  There were a lot of people dressed up in their Halloween attire.  I went once again as the “Shah of Twin Sheets” since it was a hit at the other Halloween Party I went to a couple of week ago. Didn’t include that photo here since yu=ou saw it in my other blog.

One of the contests they had was to see which team of three could do the best with covering a person in toilet paper “like a mummy” in a set amount of time.  Our team was the winner as shown in the larger photo at the top og this blog!  I won a Indoor/Outdoor 20 LED Utility Lantern, which will be useful if we ever have a power outage in the RV park.  Sorry the photo was taken after we began to unwrap our Mummy.

The other photos are a select few of some of the other people in costumes at the party.  Sorry the photos are a bit dark, but the lighting in the room was very dim.

The short video at the end is a candy corm relay race contest to see which team could get as many candy corn from one bucket to another by scoping the candy corn up with a large spoon held in your month.  No hands were allowed.

They had chicken wings, potato salad, veggie trays and assorted desserts, to include carmel dipped apples and Halloween cake and cookies.  Of course they had a cash bar as well. All the food was complementary for club members.

It was a nice evening.

Have a great week !

Luv Gary



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