What A Difference A Day Makes

Hey Everyone,

Another quick impromptu video for you.  I enjoying doing them.  I think you get a better perspective of what is going on with me in my life see things in person.  Sorry for the glare in the background, but if you live in Florida it’s hard to hide from the sunshine!

Have a great evening and I’ll be in touch with you (the Lord willing) sometime tomorrow.

Love and Kisses,  Gary

16 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes

      • I am sure you do, Gary, and that is natural. There is no right answer or timeline that applies to everyone. We all grieve and express ourselves differently. Don’t let anyone judge or question the way you need to do it. xoxo


  1. Busy fellow and how georgous that water looks with the sun dancing on it. We are getting set for winter now – officially getting COLD! Enjoy all your social activity – I am really inspired by the way you have thrown yourself into getting out and about and having a variety of things to do. Really – I’m proud of you.


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