4 PM Happy Hour Visit


Hey All,

As you can figure out from this post I made it safely to the Pensacola Naval Air Station RV Park at around 4:30 PM today.  This is after getting up at 2:30 AM from the hotel in Oklahoma this morning and then getting on the road from there at around 3:30 AM.  So actually drove for a total of 13 hours so far today.  Howevwer, after my  brief visit here, still have about another 1 hour 20 minutes drive bak to my brother’s house in the Fort Walton Beach area. So total driving time today will actually be a little over 14 hours!

The large seperate photo above shows you where I affixed the framed photo of Terry on the memorial wall in the RV Park Clubhouse at Pensacola Naval Air Station.  Along with the photo of Terry, I made a copy of Jodi’s “A Yellow Canary Named Terry” water-color painting as well as the poem thay I wrote about Terry to complement Jodi’s painting and placed these twp thimgs immediately below Terry’s photo. Now everyone that continues to come to this park year after year will be constantly reminded of the fond memories of Terry’s past presence here, sp he’ll never be forgotten.

I felt that making this brief stop to Pensacola NAS was very important to me as it was really the initial place that we started Terry’s intense measures with trying to fight his dreaded cancer.  It was during those times back then that Terry was sometimes able to participate in social events with the RV park group of friends that we had made there and at other times Terry was just too tired or weak to participate.  The important thing for me was that this RV Group at the Naval Air Station really became my initial support group.  I could always count on these folks to give me words of encouragement when I needed it or to offer me any assistance that I might have needed while here in caring for Terry.  They were also there to lend me an ear when I just needed to talk to someone or to vent.  Since the clubhouse was so close to the orginal location of our RV in the park (only about a 1 minute walk by foot) I often tried to stop in at our 4 PM Happy Hour (evenif just for a short time).  For the most part, this became the highlight of my social activiies while in Pensacola as this clubhouse was conveniently located and did not require me to do a lot of planning, especially never really knowing how Terry’s day would turn out in terms of being able to get out and to do something.

In the photos and videos of the group that I took today….this is only a representative sample of some of the folks that I got to know from last year that have returned back here for the new winter season.  There are still a bunch of other folks that at the current time of my visit today are either still away with family members for the recent Holidays, or have  have not arrived as yet to this park for the upcomming winter season, or there are others that just aren’t comming back this year due to unaticipated illinesses or other priorities to attend to this year. Despite the fact that everyone we knew are not fully back here yet, it was so nice to spend a few hours with my firends that were present and to get an update on what they have been doing, or likewise to update then about me and to just reminice about the past good times we had together from last season at dinners, pot lucks, kareoke nights or other special events.  I really enjoyed stopping by.

As of the writing of this blog, it is now about 4 AM and I have awakened at my borther’s home in Fort Walton Beach, Fl doing this blog so naturally I got here safely last night after my short visit this evening visiting with my frineds in the RV park in Pensacola.

Okay, going back to bed, as I am naturally still a bit tired from long travels.

Have a great day !




Heading East Early in the Morning

20171127_1102151095903543.jpgHey fellow bloggers, my gambling adventure to the Windstar Casino is coming to an end and I will be going to sleep right after sending this blog out to you as I want to get on the road and head for Florida no later than 3:30 in the AM.  Reason I want to leave so early is that it will be about a 12 hours drive to my next destination which will be the Pensacola Naval Air Station RV Park.  As you might recall, that is really where Terry and I lived for about 6 months before moving down to Tampa and that is the area where Terry first went thru his Chemo treatments and major operation to remove his bladder and other bodily organs (prostate, lymph nodes, seminal vessels, etc) I want to get there by 4 PM so that I can see our old friends at the Happy Hour that they have every day in the clubhouse in the RV Park.  These were the people that Terry and I got to know last year at that location that helped to give Terry and me support a lot of support as we were undergoing all these medical procedures. While there I will be affixing a framed photo of Terry on a memorial wall in that clubhouse as well as a copy of the “Yellow Canary” water coloring that Jodi previously did along with the poem that I previously wrote about Terry to complement that water coloring.  I want everyone that goes to this RV park to remember Terry and the courage he exhibited to endure all his suffering while still attempting to participate on a limited basis despite his physical discomfort in past social activities that this group of folks often orchestrated for the group.  After a short visit with them, I will then continue on to my brother’s house in the Fort Walton Beach area, which is about an hour and 20 minutes from the Naval Station.  I will stay at my brother’s house for at least for one full day before doing the last 7 1/2 hour trip back to Cocoa Beach . I will need at least one day of rest before going home.  That’s the same location where my Mom is.

As for the casino…I was once again “a loser” but I had fun.  Got to the casino around 6 PM on Sunday and gambled the first night until about 3:30 AM.  The first night I was down about $ 250 and could never recover that early morning.  I slept in a bit on Monday morning to get my beauty rest and then by 11 AM was at the black jack tables and slot machines again.  First I continued to lose about another $ 250 which was depressing, but later this afternoon, I was finally able to recover some of my losses and am walking away only about $ 110 in the hole.  Not too bad for gambling about 14 hours between the 2 days, especially since my hotel was complementary other than a nominal $ 10.70 a day resort fee.  Bottom line…I had fun.  I never expect to go home rich. I just enjoy the excitement of the machines and the atmosphere.

Did no casino videos or didn’t take any pics while actually in the casino, this time, but am included in this blog a selfee photo of me near the nice hotel lobby Christmas Tree and also a photo of the pool area that I could see from the 19th floor of my hotel room.  Obviously, a bit cold to be hanging out by the pool at this time of year!

Okay, getting ready for bed !  Have a great rest of your night!


Lunch With Friends from Church In Dallas

Hey All,


After returning back to Dallas on Saturday afternoon from Midland Tx with Terry’s Dad and Step-Mom, on Sunday morning I left their home and went to Mass at the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, TX which was the church that Terry and I used to attend.  The service was beautiful. It brought back fond memories.

After church, I went to lunch with a group of old friends from the Church. It was a nice get together and to see “old” friends.

Later that afternoon, I stopped by my old neighborhood in Dallas to see some of my former neighbors, then it was off to Oklahoma later that day to spend the next 2 days at the Winstar Casino.  Will write about that portion of the trip in a separate blog in a couple of days.

Have a great week.


P.S.  If you haven’t had a chance to see any of my last 4 or 5 posts that I did while visiting Terry’s family at Thanksgiving…you might like the stories and videos I put together.  Originally, I didn’t think I would have time to post while there, but I got up early each morning while everyone else was sleeping and worked on those posts.20171126_114338960863033.jpg

Luv, Gary20171126_114338960863033.jpg

American Idol Auditions Last Night: Gold Ticket to Hollywood Yes or No?

Hey All,

Captured a special moment last night.  In the video you will see a duet done by Sherry (Terry’s Twin Sister) and her husband Bill at their home as we all enjoyed an evening together the day after Thanksgiving.  Are they American Idol ready and should they get a gold ticket to Hollywood.  You decide…  Yes or no?

20171124_172118119636738.jpgAlso including in this video are a few Christmas Pictures of Sherry and myself after we successfully made it out of the jungle yesterday without being eaten up or trampled upon by any of the predators. (See yesterday’s blog I wrote on that one!)

Have a great rest of your weekend and be safe !

Luv Gary



Lost In The Dangerous Jungle With Sherry (Terry’s Twin Sister) !

It was a clear day, but for some reason beyond our direct control  Sherry (Terry’s sister) and I became lost deep in the jungle and couldn’t immediately get back to our base camp, although we sent out frantic emergency calls for assistance.

While circumventing through the deep vegetation in the jungle, on several occasions we became very close to death !

First while attempting to cross a large swampy body of water, we came upon a gigantic alligator who almost took my head off.  Luckily, Sherry had her handy weapon by her side and successfully shot the alligator right between the eyes.  A direct kill and I was able to successfully escape the sharp teeth of this predator.  Thank you Sherry !


Then once we were on the other side of the water on land we came close to getting trampled by a large heard of elephants, but fortunately was able to quickly hide behind a large group of rocks which protected us from getting crushed !


Then just when we thought we were safe, Sherry shouted …”look up” and there starring right above me was a hungry leopard who luckily had it not been preoccupied with a  recent catch, would surely had had me for it’s next meal !


Then when we thought we once again were finally in the clear, I looked to my left and there was this huge giraffe right next to me.  Luckily, the giraffe was preoccupied eating vegetation from the tree so I was able to slowly move safely away and avoid being crushed by any abrupt movements of this large creature.


Finally as we continued to move through the jungle keeping a close watch on any other possible dangerous predators….. we couldn’t believe our eyes and thought we must be hallucinating?  Just a short distance away coming right towards us down the dirt path were two baboons being pulled by a zebra in a wooden cart.  The fortunate thing is that the baboons, being so close anatomically to humans actually knew how to speak our native tongue !  They said, are you lost and can we assist you?  We told them of our recent encounters and indicated that we would gladly take then up on their generous offer to safely transport us back to our base camp.  Fortunately, we had an ample supply of bananas with us and offered them to the two baboons as a gesture of thanks for their help.  It was a win-win situation!

20171124_172705_0011340150333.jpgAs we continued to move closer to the base camp while in the safety of our new friends (Pete and Molly…the baboons) we looked around the jungle and were constantly reminded that there were still a lot of other predators out there that could have easily taken our lives. Sherry and I counted our blessings and upon returning back to the base camp quickly documented the adventures that we had encountered that day in the deep jungle.


It was quite an experience for us and fortunately we were able to survive  and vowed that we would never let this happen to us again !!


God Bless The USA Duet by The Robert’s Twins (Great Niece and Nephew of Terry)

Hey All,

I have a special treat for you.  I am sending to you a duet that I filmed by the Robert’s Twins who are the children of Jason who is one of the twins of Terry’s Twin sister Sherry. As you probably know from past posts, Terry’s Twin sister Sherry had twins and one of her twins had twins.  Now the question will be will one of Sherry’s grandchildren end up having twins to keep the record going ?  Time will tell.  Enjoy !


Tidwell Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Gathering

Hey All,

It is the eve before Turkey Day and the Tidwell Extended Family are all at the “La Mission” Mexican Restaurant in Midland, TX.  This has been a tradition of this family for many years to gather at this place and share each other’s company over a nice meal and of course large glasses of Magaritas !

This evening is also special in that it is Mike Tidwell’s 60th Birthday !  This is one of Terry’s brothers. Happy Birthday Mike !

We had about 30 folks in attendance this evening to include Terry’s Dad and Step-mom, his two brother’s and their families, his twin sister and their families, two of Terry’s three sons, Terry’s grandson and his nieces and nephews, Terry’s half brother and of course me !  Terry’s Mom unfortunately was not in attendance this evening as she was busy at the nursing home visiting with her husband (Terry’s step dad) who is very ill.  Terry’s Mom however, will be with us on Thanksgiving Day.

I am also including in this blog a few other Pics and 2 very short videos (hopefully they will download).  One of the videos is a very small portion of the birthday wish from the restaurant staff to Mike on his 60th birthday.  The other is a real treat… a very short video blog of Terry’s twin sister !!  See…she can video blog too, just like Terry !!

Have a great Thanksgiving and I am sure I will eventually send out more stuff.

Love you all….   Gary