Full Moon Over The Bannana River at Happy Hour with A Gang of New Friends

Great evening last night with a bunch of new friends that I met at a local bar and restaurant.  The gang meets there for Happy Hour every Thursday afternoon beginning at 4PM.  Was a perfect night…mild climate, calm water, full moon, cold beer, good food  wonderful people and perfect atmosphere !  I guess this will now become my Thursday night spot !  It’s only a couple of miles from the base and right on the Banana River.

Still having computer issues….my 10 GB’s of Hot Spot per month are getting eaten up some how very fast and I went from 3.3 in 12 days to over 20 GM in just one day?  Not sure what is happening, but Sprint charges $ 15 for each additional GB.  So in just one day, I ran up a bill of $ 150 !!! Naturally this can’t continue or I’ll be in the poor house soon and have no money for Beer !!!  I am hoping it is not the videos I’m sending you that end up being the issue, because I enjoy doing them and sending them to you all.

Have a great weekend.

Love and Kisses,  Gary

18 thoughts on “Full Moon Over The Bannana River at Happy Hour with A Gang of New Friends

  1. So you’ve found a permanent Thursday night spot and a bunch of friendly people to share the fun with – I am so glad for you, Gary!videos!
    I hope you get your computer situation resolved, and keep posting these great videos.
    Have a very nice weekend,


  2. Good to see, that you found new friends, Gary 🙂
    Videos are demanding a lot of space. I came to think, if anyone can log on your internet connection without your knowledge? Many have programs to break our codes, so they can use our connection and then we will pay.


  3. By the light of the silvery moon ….. thank you for sharing its beauty on the water. A lovely and lively group of people made me feel warm and happy but your internet woes did not. I do hope you can get some sense and resolve them. I’ll ask my husband’s opinion of you like because he will probably have light to shed whereas I’m about as technical as a Bran muffin and The Bean is no help at all!!! 🐾🐾 😞

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