Bonfire on Satellite Beach, FL


Hey Everyone… Good morning. Hope you enjoyed you’re extra hour of sleep now that daylight savings time is over.

Had a great time last night with a gang of great people enjoying a bonfire on the beach.  Now that the Turtle nesting season is over, certain beaches on Florida allow people to have bonfires right on the beach.  Luckily, one of the beaches that allow it “Satellite Beach” which is only a 9 minute drive from me.  We had about 60 people enjoying the evening, the bonfire, the full moon and the sound of the waves hitting the shore.  What a wonderful environment.  Everyone brought food to share with one another and also a package of wood for the organizer so that we could have a continual fire going all evening.  Naturally we all brought our favorite beverage as well.  Looking down the beach there we at least 10 bonfires going from other groups as well.  Pretty impressive.   I have never experiences such a wonderful site.  Each organizer does need to get a permit to have a bonfire and at some time during the course of the evening the fire marshal stops by each group to ensure all is being done in accordance with fire safety standards as established by the state of Florida.  Greg, the organizer for this event has done this many times and he is very experienced with constructing and keeping the fire going in a safe manner.  Fun was had by all !

May send out a couple of other videos from this event tomorrow to give you a better perspective of the evening.

Have a great rest of your weekend !

Love and kisses,  Gary



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