Home of The Brave



Went to  benefit concert with a group of folks Sunday evening. The event was entitled ” Home of the Brave” and all proceeds from the event were being directly donated to “The Wounded Warriors Organization” in support of our injured combat soldiers and their families who have sacrificed so much in support of our Country. Being that I was a career soldier, I felt it important to attend this event in support of our troops. The event had a number of musical groups performing from all arround the area with about 250 musical peformers in total. The attendance was outstanding as you can see from the crowds in the video. Wish I could included all the videos, but am exceeding my gigabite capacity! The one video I’ve included was a group that did all the various songs of the Armed Services. Enjoy the video and a few other photos that I’ve included in the post. Remember Veterans Day is Nov 11th, so if you see a Veteran give them a big hug. 

Luv, Gary

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