My New Calling?

Hey all, 

Went out with a new group of friends last night to do a little bit of karaoking at a nice restaurant/pub right at the port of Cape Caneveral. I sang several solos and also did a duet (Sonny snd Chere’s- I’ve got you babe) with a professional Canerval Cruise singer. Didn’t do too bad for a rookie! Got a big applause! Maybe my next profession, eho knows? I meant to have someone video me, but kept forgeting when they called me up to perform.  I’ll try to remember to do this next time. Including just a few photos around the port area, to include a building in the shape of a space rocket which really looked cool. That 

building is an interactive museum that I will eventually have to check out at another time.  Have a great Thursday! Gary

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