Flea Market Flip

20171102_172824729076128.jpgHave you ever watched the reality show “Flea Market Fiip” ? In that show teams of contestants are given a set amount of cash to purchase old and unique items at a flee market in a set amount of time and must then transform those items into a thing o creative beauty. They then must sell those items at the highest price that they can get. The team that takes in the most cash from selling their creative work are the winners.

Last night I went to my Thursday night happy hour at the Pineda Inn on the Bananna River. I meet a lady there that made such a beautiful gift for Carolyn who was celebrating her 6 years of working so hard with organizing this wonderful weekly social event.. I was intrigued at the beautuful chair that the women created from an old rusty chair that she got at a flea market. She painted on the front side chair backing a replica of the Penida Inn where Carolyn has orchestrated these wonderful events.. On the rear side of the chair the lady painted a replica of Carolyn’s vacation home in Key West. What a wonderful and thouhhtful gift !

I really admire creative people. As you know Terry was a very gifted and creative person. He had so many fantastic ideas for constructing such beautiful landscaping in our former home in Dallas and he was so creative in developing our beautiful Christmas light shows to music each year that were so loved by all in the Dallas, TX and surrounding area.

Another creative person is our blogger friend Jodi from creativelifeinbetween.me. Jodi can paint just about anything and her culinery ideas are amazing and creative as well as her other hand-made holiday treasures. She is a true artist. Check out her blogsite. Sarah our other blogger friend from Travels with Choppy is also very creative.  She comes up with all kinds of neat ideas for dressing up her dog and cat in very unique costumes with themed poses. She does this almost on a daily basis. She is so cleaver.  Check out her blogsite.  It is very entertaining!

I love creativity and I am always so impressed with unique ideas that some folks just have a special ability to do. Keep up the great work !!

Enjoy the creative photos I posted on today’s blog!  Have a great weekend.

Luv, Gary

10 thoughts on “Flea Market Flip

  1. Aww…thank you for the shout out! I wish I had more time to use my creative skills. I used to sew a lot, but now it’s one of those things I never prioritize. Choppy and Schooner could have even better and more creative outfits if I broke out the sewing machines!


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