Happy Veterans Day

Just short note to thank all our Veterans and their families for the sacrificies they have made throughout the years to protect our Country and to afford us our freedom. They all are true heroes!

Although Terry did not serve directly, he provided service and love to me, a Veteran. I want to thank Terry for helping me tremendously throughout the years to cope with and to get through my many service-related health issues and major operative procedures and long recoveries shortly after my retirement from the Army, such as my two complete knee replacements. It was because of Terry’s love, dedication and support that I got through those challeging times .  I am so honored that I was able to reciprocate by providing my love, support and comfort to Terry during the last couple of years that he suffered with cancer, although I am saddened that we couldn’t continue to grow old together as we had anticipated.  Life throws us unexpected curves, but we must remain strong, just as all our soldiers and their families have done in all our past conflicts, no matter the physical and psychological consequences of war.

I fondly remember that every year that Terry and I were together and when I worked overnights, I would always return home on Veterans Day morning to be greeted by a number of American Flags that Terry would proudly display all over our front gardens to honor my 22 years of military service and that of all Veterans. It was so touching and greatly appreciated.  As I place the flags on my lawn by my RV today…I think of Terry and his support to me as a veteran

Enjoy your day as we reflect and as we honor our veterans!

With Love,


23 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day

  1. I honor my husband and his 18 years of service. Mine was short but I completed it with an honorable discharge. Today we visited the Holocaust Museum in St. Pete. Thank you for everyone’s service, past, present, and future. Let us hope never to repeat history.


      • It is a wonderful museum and there are lots of wonderful places to eat on Central Avenue. I look forward to returning next veteran’s day. Admittance is around $17 but is free on veteran’s day. We went to Cities Bistro for lunch. Nice little deli.


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