Lizard Encounter – Could it be ….?

Hey All…..

First of all,

I want to caution those who easily get motion sick, you may have problems watching this video as I did it while sitting on my bicycle and bending down to try to capture a video my little friend.  As a result the video bounces all over the place and you might feel like you are on a ship!  Sorry….just photographer error!

So here I was on my bicycle in Cocoa Beach on a boardwalk by the sea and there it was Mr. “T” Lizard.   His curly tail looked so familiar, it reminded me of someone. Then it dawned on me, was the Lizard actually Terry coming to visit me again?  So hard to say?  First Mr. “T” began to follow me, then it just stood still there posing as I did my video and then without any warning, as I got a bit closure so I could make friends with my little newfound creature, if just suddenly decided to run off towards the green vegetation without saying good bye?

I’m a bit confused?  The curly tail and the color of the lizard’s eyes were just like Terry’s, but the lizard’s personality was a bit standoffish (not anything like. Terry)  So was Mr. “T” actually a Terry siting and what was Terry trying to tell me?

Luv Gary


13 thoughts on “Lizard Encounter – Could it be ….?

  1. The fact that he followed you, the fact that he sat so still whilst you shared him with us, the fact that he had frankly the sassiest tail I have EVER seen makes me absolutely certain that this was a Terry sighting. I am sure that he is only able to give a brief spell in any given form before he has to go back … it is a question of him letting you know. I wonder what he will be next time – you will know him instantly as you did this time! Thank you Gary for sharing this wonderful moment and thank you Terry for your continued comforting presence.


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