Free Dinner — Wow!

I very seldom take advantage of the free bennies given by establishments on or around Veterans Day to active duty and retired military. I would prefer to make more room for those in greater need than me for these kinds of gratuitous offers.

However last night I was invited by a couple of old friends of mine (Jim and Jodette) from the RV park to join them for the free buffet meal offered by Golden Corral. So I decided to accompany them.

Wow….couldn’t believe  the size of the lines just to get into the restaurant! Luckily we got there early, so we made it in on the first shift. I guess alot of people take advantage of the generosity and appreciation of business estanlishments on or around this holiday. It is very thoughtful of these estblishments to set asside a special day to recognize veterans.


Luv, Gary

13 thoughts on “Free Dinner — Wow!

    • Thanks Osyth. My friends are very nice. Terry and I met them when we were residing in the RV Park at Pensacola Naval Air Station last year. Josette I actually from France originally (forgot what area). Jim and Josette will eventually travel further south to Key West sometime near the end of the year and will stay there until mid March and then return back to the Fort Worth, TX area where their house is.

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    • Yes, It was nice to treat myself once in a while, but glad to see so many less fortunate getting the god meal. I suspect so of the participants have a hard time to make ends meet and this free meal is a big thing they look forward to each year.

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  1. hope you enjoyed. i must admit i am not a fan of the golden corral – at least around here…. lots of food, but the quality is blahhh! but hey – if you had fun with friends -that is what matters! ❤


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