Blowing Off Steam at Mulligans


Hey Everyone,

This past Friday I met some friend’s at a place called Mulligan’s.  The establishment was located in Cape Canaveral, not too far from the cruise ships.  Never realized that this area had so many bars and restaurants.  My experience in past years at Cape Canaveral was just to embark or disembark from a cruise ship going to or from the East Caribbean. Really never paid attention to the actual surroundings in and around the port area.  Now that I’m temporarily living in the area, I get to explore my surroundings a little bit more.

Mulligan’s was a really fun place with a great atmosphere.  The have a really elegant restaurant inside and then outside on the patio they have 3 bars, a large stage with a thatched roof used primarily for the live band and in one area near the dance floor they have that space covered with pure white beach sand and Adirondack chairs to provide a relaxed area to just chill with your tropical drinks.

Sorry, the pictures came out a little dark.  I need more experience in taking night photos so they are clearer.  The pictures also came out a bit pinkish (had nothing to do with the name of the live band that evening called “Hot Pink)” but rather had to do with the lights that kept changing colors very close to where we were all sitting.

I thought to myself later, after leaving Mulligans’s that this was actually the first time that I have danced on an actual dance floor in nearly 10 years !  I used to love to dance, but for some reason ever since I had my knee replaced, I lost interest in dancing.  I guess I felt I became a bit stiff since I felt I wasn’t able to move freely around the dance floor like I could do in the past. Actually I felt pretty comfortable with dancing once I got on the dance floor on Friday and I guess I now will have to start doing more of it in the days ahead.

Okay…about all for now everyone.  Have a great Wednesday !

Luv, Gary


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