Upcoming Travel Plans–Busy Two Weeks Ahead !

Hey All,

Unless anything unforeseen happens in the next few days below are my travel plans:

Beginning  tomorrow (Friday AM) I will be doing some extensive driving, so I may not post for several days. First I will be traveling to south Florida for a couple of days (Friday and Saturday) about a 8 hour round trip, but then will be returning back to the RV park in Cocoa Beach on Sunday afternoon for just about 1/2 day to repack again and to get Roxy. While I’m in South Florida I will be leaving Roxy with a couple of friends of mine in the RV Park. Then on the road again on Monday AM for a 7 hour trip to my younger brother Randy and my mother in the Fort Walton Beach area, but only for an initial 1/2 day visit primarily to drop off Roxy while I continue my travels. Then the following day (Tuesday) will be doing a 12 hour drive to Dallas to stay with Terry’s Dad and Step Mom. Then on the next day (Wednesday) will be doing a 5 1/2 hour trip to Midland, TX with them to spend a few days with Terry’s family for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Thought it was important to be the stand in for Terry there to fill “the void” being that this is the first year at Thanksgiving without Terry.  I hope this will add some comfort to Terry’s immediate family and I hope Terry will be smiling from Heaven that I made the long trip on his behalf as I thought this would be the right thing to do to help bring more closure to Terry’s passing.  I will then be returning to Dallas on Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving, will attend mass on Sunday AM at the church that Terry and I used to go to and after seeing a few friends and maybe doing lunch with them after mass, I ‘ll be  driving north to Oklahoma to the Winstar Casino for a couple of nights. Then on Tuesday after Thanksgiving (hopefully after the holiday traffic becomes a bit lighter) I will make the 13 hour trip back to my brother’s and my mother in Fort Walton Beach and stay for a couple of days. I then plan to  drive the 7 hour trip back to Cocoa Beach on or about Thursday 11/30 with Roxy and if my mother is up to it she will accompany me to stay for about 3 to 4 weeks in Cocoa Beach with me in the RV Park. Then Christmas will be at my brother and sister-in-law’ home in the Orlando area, along with my Mom and my younger brother Randy from Fort Walton Beach who will drive directly there. Then after Christmas my Mom will return back home with Randy to Fort Walton Beach and I will return to Cocoa Beach to hopefully ring in the New Year.  I’m so exhausted just writing this ! Lots of long driving ahead !  Wish I didn’t have to make thins trip all alone. Makes it much harder to do.

In case I don’t get a chance to blog for a few days…wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Luv Gary


erGary Seeping

32 thoughts on “Upcoming Travel Plans–Busy Two Weeks Ahead !

  1. Have a wonderful trip, drive safely, and come back exhausted, but happy! It’ll be good for you AND for Terry’s family to have you there for Thanksgiving, and I am sure Terry will be an unseen but felt presence at the holiday table.
    P.S. Where in South Florida?


        • Hey my friend,

          So sorry of responding back to you so late. I was having difficulty with my computer the last few days and have not been able to access my blogsite or email to check messages. A belated thank you for your generous offer for dinner. I wish I could have seen your follow-on message earlier as I did actually make it down to South Beach for a day this weekend. At the last minute I changed my hotel reservations from 2 nights in Fort Lauderdale and actually decided to stay over night on Saturday in South Beach at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront at 4333 Collins Ave, It probably wasn’t too far from where you are at. I plan to come down that way again probably in January or February while enroute to spend a few days with friends in Key West, FL. Hopefully if your time permits we can meet then. Naturally the offer is the same from me if you get up this way to the Cocoa Beach area. I know you mentioned something about considering a move to Satellite Beach at some point. Will be leaving this day for my long trip to Texas. Might be only sporatic in checking wordpress over the forthcoming days. Have a great Thanksgiving ! Your friend Gary

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          • Glad to hear from you, Gary!
            Of course, the offer stands, any time you get down here!
            The move to Satellite Beach is on hold, unfortunately, We still haven’t found our boat that came off two anchors during Irma and supposedly was towed away to one of the county holding areas.
            Have a safe and pleasant trip to Texas and a meaningful holiday with Terry’s family. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Have a safe trip! I hope that it brings you some comfort as well to spend this holiday with Terry’s family. It probably won’t be easy to be there without him, but I hope it does bring all of you some comfort being together. Happy Thanksgiving Gary!


  3. Goodness, that’s quite the trip! But spending time with family and friends is quite frankly the perfect way to breeze through the holidays without Terry. You may shed a few tears of remembrance along the way, but probably much more food, laughter, and fun!


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