Fort Lauderdale / South Beach Weekend Excursion

Hey All,

Quick Post as I must get some rest since it’s already 11:30 PM and I’m leaving for my 14 hours drive to Dallas at 6:00 AM in the morning.  Video is from the Art Deco section of South Beach.  Photos show the 2 hotels I stayed at and several picture perfect beach scenes that tell it all. Sunshine, beauty and pure relaxation.  Just what I needed to energize myself for the long road trip west his week  Have a great Thanksgiving with your families and friends. Will be back on line later in the week as my time permits and in between my travels. Luv, Gary


14 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale / South Beach Weekend Excursion

      • We have a plan! He and my stepson and cooking there and I am cooking here we will then get on Skype and raise a glass at our respective tables and sit down to our meals – they at lunchtime and me at supper time. I guess its making the best of how things are! Thank you so much for your kind thought though …. it isn’t easy being apart but we hope that our long road to home will be ending in the next few months


    • I know….Wish I caught your follow-on response before I left and before I started having issues with my wordpress while away. Didn’t realize you sent the second message to me?

      It seems like I only saw primarily hotels and business establishments and stores and restaurants in and around Collins Ave and the beach. Where are the residential properties (single family residential dwelling in that area or do you perhaps own a condominium in one of the high rises in that area?

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      • No to both! We have a condo in one of the little Art Deco houses, rather than a high rise. We are two blocks away from the beach, on 12th street, which is still considered the Art Deco preservation area. There are no single family homes here, but every little house with 12 – 15 units is a condo. If you saw the Old City Hall on Washington & 12th, we are right across the street from it.
        Anyway, I am glad you had a good time!
        Happy Thanksgiving both to you and Terry’s family!


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