20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Grace and Dinner for Terry’s Family

  1. I hope you told wonderful “Terry” stories and enjoyed your day! I’m betting there were laughs and smiles and tears. Terry is smiling down on you Gary! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Sharing the light together, sharing the thanks together, reminiscing about times past but not forgotten and all imbued with Terryโ€™s beautiful spirit. Your Grace was beautifully delivered and I give thanks for Terry and for you …. I feel fortunate to know you.


    • Thanks Osyth. Glad you enjoyed my impromptu grace and my video of our large gathering. Today (Friday) the boys usually get the grill going early and will be slowly cooking brisket. This evening this will be complimented with beans and other types of barbecue side dishes such as potato salad, coleslaw etc. Holidays are great, but we tend to eat so much. Was feeling so healthy prior to arriving here, but will probably leave tomorrow a few pounds heavier.

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      • Never mind …. we all gain on the holiday train but you can get back in that good gym of yours and you will soon be svelte and popping guns and a firm six-pack again, guaranteed! Enjoy the brisket …. miam miam as we say hear ๐Ÿ˜‹


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