Heading East Early in the Morning

20171127_1102151095903543.jpgHey fellow bloggers, my gambling adventure to the Windstar Casino is coming to an end and I will be going to sleep right after sending this blog out to you as I want to get on the road and head for Florida no later than 3:30 in the AM.  Reason I want to leave so early is that it will be about a 12 hours drive to my next destination which will be the Pensacola Naval Air Station RV Park.  As you might recall, that is really where Terry and I lived for about 6 months before moving down to Tampa and that is the area where Terry first went thru his Chemo treatments and major operation to remove his bladder and other bodily organs (prostate, lymph nodes, seminal vessels, etc) I want to get there by 4 PM so that I can see our old friends at the Happy Hour that they have every day in the clubhouse in the RV Park.  These were the people that Terry and I got to know last year at that location that helped to give Terry and me support a lot of support as we were undergoing all these medical procedures. While there I will be affixing a framed photo of Terry on a memorial wall in that clubhouse as well as a copy of the “Yellow Canary” water coloring that Jodi previously did along with the poem that I previously wrote about Terry to complement that water coloring.  I want everyone that goes to this RV park to remember Terry and the courage he exhibited to endure all his suffering while still attempting to participate on a limited basis despite his physical discomfort in past social activities that this group of folks often orchestrated for the group.  After a short visit with them, I will then continue on to my brother’s house in the Fort Walton Beach area, which is about an hour and 20 minutes from the Naval Station.  I will stay at my brother’s house for at least for one full day before doing the last 7 1/2 hour trip back to Cocoa Beach . I will need at least one day of rest before going home.  That’s the same location where my Mom is.

As for the casino…I was once again “a loser” but I had fun.  Got to the casino around 6 PM on Sunday and gambled the first night until about 3:30 AM.  The first night I was down about $ 250 and could never recover that early morning.  I slept in a bit on Monday morning to get my beauty rest and then by 11 AM was at the black jack tables and slot machines again.  First I continued to lose about another $ 250 which was depressing, but later this afternoon, I was finally able to recover some of my losses and am walking away only about $ 110 in the hole.  Not too bad for gambling about 14 hours between the 2 days, especially since my hotel was complementary other than a nominal $ 10.70 a day resort fee.  Bottom line…I had fun.  I never expect to go home rich. I just enjoy the excitement of the machines and the atmosphere.

Did no casino videos or didn’t take any pics while actually in the casino, this time, but am included in this blog a selfee photo of me near the nice hotel lobby Christmas Tree and also a photo of the pool area that I could see from the 19th floor of my hotel room.  Obviously, a bit cold to be hanging out by the pool at this time of year!

Okay, getting ready for bed !  Have a great rest of your night!


21 thoughts on “Heading East Early in the Morning

  1. I’m with Dolly…. going back to Pensacola and seeing the friends who supported you and Terry during his illness will be emotional and hanging the picture of him and your lovely joint tribute with Jodi will be poignant. Travel safe and I will be thinking of you x


  2. So good that you are headed back to the RV Park in Pensacola. That’s important. Seeing those folks will be wonderful. Safe travels. I’ll be thinking of both you and Terry.


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