Roxy — Now in Heaven with Terry 

It is with a heavy heart to let you all know that my beloved dog “Roxy” passed away this evening while I was still at my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s house in the Orlando area.

I had planned on leaving tomorrow morning (Wednesday) along with my “Roxy back for Cocoa Beach at around the same time that my younger brother Randy would be driving back with my Mom for the Fort Walton Beach area.

On Tuesday early evening we all decided to get out of the house for a few hours and to go out for dinner.  So just prior to departing I fed Roxy.  She was then resting comfortably on her bed in the caged lanai area outside in the backyard area of my brother’s house.

Then upon returning home I went out back to check on Roxy and my intention was to bring her back inside into the large TV room so she could be with us while we were going to all relax and watch a movie. To my surprise when I went outside, I did not hear the familiar little pitter patter of “Roxy’s” feet as I expected her to be happy to see me.  Instead, I found my beloved “Roxy” floating face down in the middle of the pool, lifeless.

We are not sure what actually happened? Did she have a stroke or did she get startled by another animal outside of the caged area and run towards it and while doing so loose her balance and fall into the pool and then unable to find a way to safety drown?  At this point, I will never know for sure, but I am devastated to know that she was in great need of my help and unfortunately, I was not there at the right moment to bring her to safety in her greatest moment of need.  The vision of all this happening keeps haunting me and I have a feeling of great guilt and despair.

All that I know is that I will deeply miss my beloved and precious dog  “Roxy” and to think just a little over three months since losing my beloved “Terry”. Life sometimes just doesn’t seem fair. The year 2017 had not been a good one for me, and I am so glad that it will be ending soon.

“Roxy” was such a faithful and friendly companion. She gave me great comfort and helped to remind me day after day that I was truly not totally alone after “Terry’s” passing and that she would be there by my side unconditionally to get me through all my grief. Now my dear dog “Roxy” is also no longer here with me physically and the reality is that she will not be accompanying me when I return back home tommorow to Cocoa Beach. From this point forward, just like “Terry”, “Roxy” will now only be with me in spirit and have a very special place deep in my heart. I am a least comforted to know that “Roxy” is now reunited with Terry in heaven and they will both take care of one another (and of course “Terry” will provide “Roxy” with an abundance of treats and “Roxy” will provide “Terry” with an abundance of licks) and they will both continue to watch over me from above and provide me with an abundance of love.

So I say again, so long my dear and faithful friend, “Roxy.”  Safe journeys. You have brought to me so much love and happiness for the past 15 years. You truly were a faithful companion and will always be my best friend. I will miss your wagging tail as I brought you treats and more treats! I will miss your grunts as you devoured your bowls of food like there was no tomorrow. I will miss your loud snores at night that were actually a comfort to my ears., I will miss giving you long belly rubs which you loved so much and I in turn will miss getting all those licks and kisses from you that I thought would never end.  All in all I will just miss you !!

With loving remembrance forever, Gary

P.S. I have asked my brother Randy to take “Roxy”with him tomorrow and to bury her in his back yard beside his former dog “ChiChi” who passed away tragically a few years ago under the same kinds of circumstances. “Roxy” spent many a visit at my brother’s home over the years and since I no longer have a permanent home or have my own permanent place to bury “Roxy” I am comforted to know that “Roxy” will have a final resting place at least in a familiar surroundings and next to his cousin “ChiChi.

So now I am the last one of four still standing  from the immediate household that I have known for the past 15 years . First “Terry,” “Roxy,” and myself lost our beloved Chihuahua “Max” in the spring of 2014 while we were still living in Dallas, then “Roxy” and I had to say our farewell to our beloved “Terry” in September of this year and now I must once again have to say farewell to my beloved “Roxy” today and now I remain the last one standing. Such a lonely thought when I think about it. The next couple of days will be very tough for me once again and I may need to take a few days off from blogging. Please understand.

I leave you with this link for the most beautiful version of Hallelujah that I have ever heard in honor of “Roxy’s” passing as well as handful of the most recent photos of my dear dog.

Love Gary

Christmas Boat Parade on Long Lake

Hey All,

At my brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s house in Oviedo, Florida (just northeast of Orlando).  Tonight (Friday 12/23) after having a nice meal on the patio, we walked down the  dock to Long Lake (just behind their back yard) to watch a small but very beautiful Christmas Boat Parade.  I hope you enjoy the video. The weather was beautiful as usual.  The boats really show up nicely, but so sorry it was so dark that you can’t see my sister-in-law Gail who first spoke to you, followed by my brother Jan and then Mom later in the video, but just as well because you will get to see them as well as my bother Randy and of course Roxy in several other videos I plan to take of them throughout the Holiday weekend.  However, glad that you could at least hear their voices for now and even hear my Mom wishing you all Merry Christmas in Polish.  The main thing that I wanted you to get to see tonight was the beautiful Christmas boats and the awesome reflection of the lights on the water.  Enjoy !  Luv Gary


Quick Visit to New England Yesterday!

Okay all,

I know the title of this blog is going to throw you off a bit.  You are probably wondering what is Gary doing in New England? He just told us in his last post that his younger brother Randy was going to be stopping by Cocoa Beach and then he and his younger brother along with his Mom (Stacia) and dog (Roxy) where all heading for Orlando to spend Christmas with their older brother (Jan) and sister-in-law (Gail) ? So what is all this traveling to New England about?

Yes it is true we surprised my Mom yesterday with a special treat and went to New England ! When Randy arrived on Friday, I decided to take them to a special restaurant that I heard about around the Melbourne Beach area that specializes in New England seafood favorites.  What a real treat it was to see that they had fried clams and lobster rolls on the menu, which is so hard to find down here !  Also,  prior to the main course, I got my Mom a nice cup of New England chowder which she loved!  The décor of New England in the restaurant and the meal, brought back fond memories for my mother and of course for my brother Randy and myself as well.

This was such a nice way to wrap up my Mom’s visit with me before traveling on to Orlando.  I know that she really enjoyed her time with me as I did with her.  I am grateful that my Mom is still living and that despite her dementia, she for the most part can do most daily functions on her own and in some respects, better than I can do myself.  She is truly blessed !

Have a great day.

Luv, Gary



Winter Solstice Get Together with Friends



As the days have gradually been getting shorter and now the days are beginning to once again get a little bit longer so comes and so goes the “Winter Solstice”.  My Mom and I were fortunate to once again have had the opportunity to share our friendship with others in the local Cocoa Beach/Melbourne, Florida community.

We were invited on this past Thursday evening to a really nice “Winter Solstice” party at the home of Stan who is one of my good friends in one of the meetup groups that I have joined since moving to Cocoa Beach.  The attendance at the party was over 80 folks !

We had a wonderful time.  Stan has a very nice condo in Melbourne Beach with a large balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take any photos from his balcony that evening because I got pre-occupied socializing with friends upon our arrival and before you knew it was already dark outside (remember– this was the shortest day of the year, so the early darkness creeped up).  I however, am including a bunch of photos from within the condo, of folks just having a good time socializing with one another during the event.

This was really the last social group event that my mother will be attending with me during her 4 week visit to Cocoa Beach.  On Friday, my younger brother Randy from the Fort Walton beach area arrived for a short one day visit to see the new environment in which I now live and after a really nice lunch (will send a separate post) the 3 of us (and of course Roxy too) were off to Orlando (about a 1 hour, 15 minutes drive) to my older brother Jan and sister-in-law Gail’s house.  This is where we will be spending the Christmas Holidays together.  Around December 27th, Roxy and I will return to Cocoa Beach and my Mom and my younger brother Randy will drive back north to the Fort Walton Beach, Florida area.


It was really nice having my mother visiting with me these past 4 weeks to spend some quality time together  As I think back we did so much during her visit:  4 Friday Night Happy hours at the Marina; one day of cruising on the casino boat out of Cape Canaveral; one night of Kareoking; attending a Christmas Hayride; 5-8 dinners out with friends; attending a member appreciation holiday event with a beautiful spread of food at the Marina, to be following just a week later by a Air Force Base Christmas Carnival and then to be followed one again just a few days later by nice Christmas luncheon at the Tides club put on by the outdoor recreation department of Patrick Air Force Base for all guests residing in the RV Park; two indoor Christmas symphony’s to be following by one outdoor Christmas concert; a couple of evening parties at the RV homes of other people within the park; four Thursday morning coffee and donut socials in the clubhouse; one visit with me to the Orlando VA for a medical appointment; one day of traveling by bus to the Weeki Watchee Park (about 3 hours away and north of Tampa) to see the mermaid show, a wild life show and to take a boat ride on the river to see the manatees; and of course 2 or 3 chance to get out there to dance the night away (even with Santa!).  I am sure I left something out here, but all in all I took some great pictures and videos of my Mom just having fun during her visit.  These will be nice memories that I will cherish for years to come.

Luv, Gary


The Prize For Best Audience Participation Goes to ….?



Hey All,

Took my mother to another outdoor Christmas Concert this past Saturday evening in Melbourne, FL.  We went there along with a group of about 30 people from one of my Meetup Social Groups in the local area.  Prior to that, we had a nice dinner with this group at an Italian Restaurant in the local area, which within walking distance to the concert.

In the 3 short video clips I took….you will notice that the girl in the Christmas Hat was really getting into the music and could have been the conductor of the concert !  It’s nice to see people having fun.  Sorry these 3 short video clips are not as clear as they could be.  Unless I first put them on YouTube and then pull them from there to WordPress, they sometimes are not as clear as I would like them to be.  However, it would have taken me some time to try to do this so I am just including here a few very short clips directly from my cell to give you an idea of the festive atmosphere.  Enjoy !  Gary





You All Are So Amazing!

Can’t believe it. Just sent out my other blog a couple of hours ago to request as your time permits to send some words of encouragement and support to Terry’s mom for the loss of her husband Jeff today and already the support from you is comming in so quickly!

Then, just a few minutes ago I went outside to take my dog Roxy for a poddy break and as I looked up there perched right on my RV window near my dining area was a frog looking in ! It was jumping for joy. I don’t know how it could of got up there?  I really think it is Terry again comming back to me to give you his sign of approval and a Big Thank You for thinking about his Mom and sending her such beautiful condolences.

Okay, things even get a bit weirder.  So, as I am getting ready to post this impromptu blog post to you, I have on the TV on the ABC channel  the “Sound of Music” which I thought my mom would enjoy watching. Interestingly this was Terry’s favorite movie of all time and he had always longed to go to Austria someday where Julie Andrews was high up in the Alps singing the famous “sound of music” song.  Shortly thereafter as Maria is getting introduced to the children to be their governess and as the main housekeeper is walking up the stairs, Maria becomes startled because right out of her coat pocket jumps out a Frog !!!  A prank by one of the kids.  Surprisingly it looked just like the frog “Terry” perched on my window looking in at the TV!  This is amazing…..I know without a doubt the frog on the window has to be Terry….This is not a coincidence. YOu guys writing beautiful condolences, then the frog perched on my window looking in watching the Sound of Music and then  the frog jumping out of Maria’c coat pocket,  It all ties together so perfectly !!  All I can say is WOW ! Love Gary
  Luv, Gary

Blogger Friends of Terry- Have a Small Request

Hey All,

This morning while at the gym I decided to make a quick call to Terry’s mom, Mary.  I try to touch base with her every few weeks or so because I know that her husband Jeff is very sick with cancer and that he was just admitted into hospice a week or so ago. With the recent loss of Terry a few months ago, I want to help fill in the void for her, being that I am now tbe closest link she has to Terry other than from her other children . Mary like I had been a 24/7 caretaker for her spouse and just like me, has had to go thru the very hard task of watching him decline in health each and every day.

Interesting that I left this voice mail message this morning to primarily check on Jeff (Terry’s stepdad’s) well-being, only to find out a few minutes later after contacting Sherry (Terry’s twin sister) that Jeff had just passed away almost to the hour of me  making this call to Terry’s mom and leaving her a voice mail message.
I then began to think, could it be that Terry somehow thru his spirit had triggered my mind this morning to make this call, knowing (probably well before us on this earth) what was happening at that very moment.  Maybe it was Terry’s way thru me to give his Mom some love and comfort at a time that she needed it.

As you know in several of Terry’s former blogs he expressed his great love and admiration to his Mom and was very appreciative to her for all the love and support she gave him throughout the years, especially during his difficult times.

With Christmas being only about one week away and with Mary just losing her husband  while still having great difficulty grieving like a mother would for losing her child Terry just a few months ago leading up to  the holidays, I know that if anyone can provide some emotional and uplifting support to Terry’s mom Mary it would be you guys.

So, as your time permits would be great if you could speak to Mary (Terry’s mom) in whatever way you are comfortable with doing via this blog today.

I know that Terry’s mom looks at my daily blogs from time to  time and after the dust settles with her current loss and funeral, I know she will resume catching up on my blogs and would be very touched to see this and to get some comforting words from Terry’s friends out there that she has always been appreciative to you all for supporting him during his time of need. I know that Terry will be smilng down upon you all for doing this for his dear mom.  Again, as your time permits and only if you are comfortable with doing this.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Love,  Gary

T.M.I. (My Mom Reluctantly Supervised this Event!)

Hey Everyone,

You’re going to hopefully enjoy this unusual post (hopefully?).  I think everyone knows, but in case you don’t, TMI = Too Much Information !  Usually is used when you discuss something that might just be a little bit too personal to normally share with others, but hay I’ve exposed my life to you all thus far on this blog (just like Terry did in the past with his ups and downs) so why not have some fun with this one and teach you one of the ways of life when living in an RV.  Also, since I am trying to expose my Mom to a lot of new things while she’s visiting, I jokingly told her today that I was going to put her to work and make her clean the sewer.  So, I sat her down in a comfortable seat today and told her it was time to go to work, however, this time I only made her supervise this wonderful weekly and very necessary event as part of mobile living!  Sorry, the video cut off near the very end of my demonstration. What I was trying to say at that point is that the 2 grey tanks are normally left open during most of the week, but about 2 days before I perform this weekly cleaning task, I close those two tanks to let then fill up a bit from using the sinks and the shower, so that water can be saved in the tanks underneath to be used as a final flush for the main sewer line after the 30 minute cycling process that I let the pipes go thru first with the additional hose lives that helps with that cleaning process.

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you find this unusual post informative especially for those who have never lived in a recreational vehicle and always wondered how all these kind of functions work when living in this kind of moble environment.

Have a great Sunday !





Christmas Party on Patrick AFB

Took my Mom to a very nice Christmas Party held on Friday afternoon on Patrick Air Force Base in Cocoa Beach where I reside. 

They had alot of complementary food for the base residents to include Turkey legs, sliders, hot dogs, chili, several salads, ice cream, non alcoholic drinks etc; (Of course the Tiki Bar at the Marina located in the same area sold alcoholic drinks, so I got my Mom and myself one to make the day more festive!).

The base had a number of nice Christmas props for photo-taking and had a number of your favorite Disney Characters on hand at the event. My Mom really bonded with the Grinch !  I had to take several photos of her with him and with the other Disney Characters at the party. I’ve attached them for your enjoyment.

There were also alot of nice activities for kids like face painting, other carnival games and several amusement rides all free! 

They also had a live band and free Christmas boat rides.

All in all a nice event !

Luv to you all ! Have a great weekend.


Mom and the Grinch really hit it off! The Grinch asked my Mom out on A date, of couse to be held all away from any Christmas Festivities as you know the Grinch hates this Holiday!!

Space X (Falcon 9) Launch

Hey All,

Sending you today a video I did yesterday (12/15/17) of the Space X (Falcon 9) launch from Cape Canaveral as seen from my location in the RV Park at Patrick AFB.  Cape Canveral is only about 10 miles from the RV Park, so I have the opportunity to watch all space launches from here. The video time ran out before I could capture the reentry and the sonic boom sound the normally comes a short while after, but at least you will get an idea from the video of what I can see from here.  Enjoy and have a great weekend. Gary