The Sign

Yesterday (12/01) was the 3 month anniversary of Terry’s passing. The day prior while my Mom and I were in the car about 1 hour away from returning home to Cocoa Beach I was thinking about the recent trip I did this past week visiting with Terry’s family for Thanksgiving (to represent him and to help fill the void), then visiting with our old friends from the church in Dallas, then seeing friends at Pensacola NAS and placing the nice photo of Terry on the memorial wall there in the club house. I had a feeling of sadness that Terry was not with me in person for those visits, but then I had a feeling of comfort to realize that Terry was happy that I made the effort to make this long trip and that he 
was smiling down upon me. As I was thinking these thoughts I looked up at the sky and right before me to my amazement was a perfect “T” in the sky …a visual sign I believe ftom Terty that all would beokay. What makes this more amazing was the fact that at the same time that I was seeing this I was in the process of changing the radio station and suddenly to my surprise I began hearng Terry”s voice comming directly from the radio where he was talking in a soft voice about the challenges of his cancer and how he was appreciative of the care I provided to him to do evetything medically possible to fight his cancet but knew in his hert that his time was near but  feared that I would be left alone when he would  pass away. In the prerecorded message he also expressed his gratitude to you all his fellow bloggers for all your support and encouragement thtoughout his illiness and that without you he would not have been able to have kept his positive attitude as he attempted to confront cancer while he was physically becoming drained.  At the same time he also indicated that he had a dream recently that his family was all around him at his bedside and that he knew the end was near. It was so amazing to hear Terry’s voice on this pre-recorded message (which I believe he did so that soneday I would come accross it by accident) and then to see the big “T”  in the sky at the same time that the voice if Terry cane accross the radio, I Just knew that in my heart that this we truly a real sign from Terry and that he was smiling down upon me and was telling me that everything would be okay and to not be sad and to embrace life.  Luv Gary

21 thoughts on “The Sign

  1. How wonderful….I know Terry is watching over you, he loved you so much….and to leave you messages to surprise you, How Terry is that….the big T is just another wonderful sign from him. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Brings comfort to me to know that hes watching over you, I never thought he wouldn’t……xxkat


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