Kareoke Stacia at 95 Years Young !!!

Okay everyone…. You’re in for a real treat !  Got my mother up on the stage to Karaoke for the first time.  Not bad for a 95 year old young lady!  She had a lot of fun and everyone in the audience loved it.  We did the kareoking in the clubhouse at the RV Park on Patrick Air Force Base.  Okay….she can now cross this one off on her bucket list !  Enjoy.  Luv Gary

18 thoughts on “Kareoke Stacia at 95 Years Young !!!

    • I know. Just want to have he go thru the motions. I don’t think she fully understood what to do so she just tried to mumble the words. I did try to get the Mike a bit closer to het near the end during the last jingle bells verse witb hopes she could be better heard. Just great to get her up there. Luv Gary

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know how much I needed to have some joy in my life. Thank you, I haven’t stopped smiling since I started to read your posts. And you mother is simply delightful ! It looks like she is having the time of her life. Love the singing….still smiling…xxkat


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