Christmas Party on Patrick AFB

Took my Mom to a very nice Christmas Party held on Friday afternoon on Patrick Air Force Base in Cocoa Beach where I reside. 

They had alot of complementary food for the base residents to include Turkey legs, sliders, hot dogs, chili, several salads, ice cream, non alcoholic drinks etc; (Of course the Tiki Bar at the Marina located in the same area sold alcoholic drinks, so I got my Mom and myself one to make the day more festive!).

The base had a number of nice Christmas props for photo-taking and had a number of your favorite Disney Characters on hand at the event. My Mom really bonded with the Grinch !  I had to take several photos of her with him and with the other Disney Characters at the party. I’ve attached them for your enjoyment.

There were also alot of nice activities for kids like face painting, other carnival games and several amusement rides all free! 

They also had a live band and free Christmas boat rides.

All in all a nice event !

Luv to you all ! Have a great weekend.


Mom and the Grinch really hit it off! The Grinch asked my Mom out on A date, of couse to be held all away from any Christmas Festivities as you know the Grinch hates this Holiday!!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Party on Patrick AFB

  1. If this date takes place, we demand an update!!! It is so lovely to see your mum having such fun and I am sure the time you are spending together is really so good for you both after all the sadness that you have endured. Xo


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