Space X (Falcon 9) Launch

Hey All,

Sending you today a video I did yesterday (12/15/17) of the Space X (Falcon 9) launch from Cape Canaveral as seen from my location in the RV Park at Patrick AFB.  Cape Canveral is only about 10 miles from the RV Park, so I have the opportunity to watch all space launches from here. The video time ran out before I could capture the reentry and the sonic boom sound the normally comes a short while after, but at least you will get an idea from the video of what I can see from here.  Enjoy and have a great weekend. Gary


14 thoughts on “Space X (Falcon 9) Launch

  1. We used to watch launches from our back yard even though we lived in central Florida. When they were coming back, we knew there were going to be those double sonic booms that rattled the windows and shook the dishes but it always scared the crap out of us! Especially when it came back around 6 in the morning. I’d have a bed full of scared, shaky children! LOLOL


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