Blogger Friends of Terry- Have a Small Request

Hey All,

This morning while at the gym I decided to make a quick call to Terry’s mom, Mary.  I try to touch base with her every few weeks or so because I know that her husband Jeff is very sick with cancer and that he was just admitted into hospice a week or so ago. With the recent loss of Terry a few months ago, I want to help fill in the void for her, being that I am now tbe closest link she has to Terry other than from her other children . Mary like I had been a 24/7 caretaker for her spouse and just like me, has had to go thru the very hard task of watching him decline in health each and every day.

Interesting that I left this voice mail message this morning to primarily check on Jeff (Terry’s stepdad’s) well-being, only to find out a few minutes later after contacting Sherry (Terry’s twin sister) that Jeff had just passed away almost to the hour of me  making this call to Terry’s mom and leaving her a voice mail message.
I then began to think, could it be that Terry somehow thru his spirit had triggered my mind this morning to make this call, knowing (probably well before us on this earth) what was happening at that very moment.  Maybe it was Terry’s way thru me to give his Mom some love and comfort at a time that she needed it.

As you know in several of Terry’s former blogs he expressed his great love and admiration to his Mom and was very appreciative to her for all the love and support she gave him throughout the years, especially during his difficult times.

With Christmas being only about one week away and with Mary just losing her husband  while still having great difficulty grieving like a mother would for losing her child Terry just a few months ago leading up to  the holidays, I know that if anyone can provide some emotional and uplifting support to Terry’s mom Mary it would be you guys.

So, as your time permits would be great if you could speak to Mary (Terry’s mom) in whatever way you are comfortable with doing via this blog today.

I know that Terry’s mom looks at my daily blogs from time to  time and after the dust settles with her current loss and funeral, I know she will resume catching up on my blogs and would be very touched to see this and to get some comforting words from Terry’s friends out there that she has always been appreciative to you all for supporting him during his time of need. I know that Terry will be smilng down upon you all for doing this for his dear mom.  Again, as your time permits and only if you are comfortable with doing this.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Love,  Gary

36 thoughts on “Blogger Friends of Terry- Have a Small Request

  1. “Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow. For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity. The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God.”

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  2. Hi Mary. I am so sorry for you in the loss of your husband, Jeff. And so close after the loss of your (and OUR) beloved Terry. My heart goes out to you in dealing with this grief. I am a mother of two sons. They are young men now – grown and married – but I can’t even imagine one of them passing before me. I cannot even imagine the grief. A parent should not have to deal with that. Yet some of us do. And now you have lost your husband…. I wish there were some happy, encouraging words I could say, but all I can think to say is that you are being thought of, you are being hugged from afar, you did a great job raising an amazing son, and I wish you peace in the days and months ahead as you deal with this grief. Allow yourself to grieve. Allow yourself to be sad. Allow people around you to love and care for you. Allow people to offer their shoulders for you to cry on. Allow yourself to love yourself and carry on…..

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  3. I am so sorry Terry’s mum is suffering another loss so soon after losing her son, and somehow it seems all the more poignant at this time of year, a time when families usually come together. I have no words to console or advise that could possibly lessen the pain she is feeling other than to say Terry regarded us as family too, and I hope Terry’s mum will also look on us that way, and that she will feel part of Terry’s online family, and feel the support and love that we send to her at this very sad time. 💜

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  4. It’s so difficult to lose one person you love, but then another soon after. It’s not fair, to say the least. But if you believe in the afterlife, take some comfort in knowing they are both likely together right now, watching over you. Be well, and may you find comfort in family and friends. Prayers for you today. 😔

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  5. My deepest condolences on the loss of your husband, and so soon after the loss of your son Terry whom we all have grown to love. As difficult as it is to bear, the only comforting thought is that both of them are now in a better place, their suffering over. My prayers are with you, Mary, and my blessings go to you in your time of grief!

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  6. Dear Mary, I am so very sad to read Gary’s post. Nothing I write will make any difference to the anguish and heartbreak you are feeling with the loss of your beloved husband, Jeff so soon after losing your son. Outliving a child is an unimaginable pain, losing your chosen love unthinkable. As you face Christmas in sadness, may I extend my deepest condolences to you, my heartfelt love across the sea from France and my wish that both your boys, Terry and Jeff, the one sent as your baby, the other chosen as your husband, rest peacefully, tucked in the warm heart of the woman who loved them both. Terry was so proud of you and he created this place with an extended family all over the world. We have all done what we can to support Gary and that extends to you as Terry’s mum and now Jeff’s widow. I do hope you will find comfort in the fact that there is so much love for you from people you have never met. Go softly, dear lady, this is the song I sent Gary when Terry passed. I now send it to you …. x


  7. Mary, its hard to find the words to comfort the pain of a loss of your husband and son. I am comforted knowing that they are together looking down upon you and sending you love and peace. Your son Terry was a very wonderful, loving, caring man and I feel so lucky to be able to call him my friend, his kindness reflects your abilities as a mum, and to know have lost your husband and best friend. I am so sorry, please feel the warmth of a hug and gently kiss on your cheek as I embrace you through the blog world. You and your family are in my thoughts over this most difficult holiday season. Gary, thank you for giving us the opportunity to help ease the pain for Mary. Your pretty wonderful too!! XXkat


  8. I came to this post late. I hope time permits my thoughts to Terry’s mom. I lost my own husband in 2012 and each Christmas season has been a bit poignant because he’s not here. I think each of us grieve in our own way and the best way (IMHO) is just to let it happen. Despite what the professionals say, (some of them) there is no timetable for grief nor its stages. Be kind to yourself. Remember to do something nice for yourself as a reminder of the love your dear departed one had for you. And yes, they do come visit and smile (or frown) down on us. I am of a faith that takes comfort in the fact that our loved ones are whole (without disease or pain) and we will meet again after this life is over. Blessings to you Gary, and to Terry’s mom. Remember the happy times..


  9. Mary, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I don’t know you, but Terry always spoke so lovingly and kindly of you, I feel nothing but love toward you and the brightness and kindness you have brought into the world. I’m sure Jeff’s life, both before and after his illness, was enriched by it and it helped ease him in his final days. You will be in our thoughts and prayers here, and I hope that those thoughts and prayers can help you in even a small way.


  10. Dearest Mary, please take comfort in the love and blessings from your friends and family on the loss of your son and husband. The hurt and grief are real, but so are the prayers being sent forth to you to help you through this difficult time. God bless you. xoxo


  11. Ma’am, I am so very sorry for your loss and I miss Terry’s voice but I think Gary is picking up where he left off. May you find peace in the fact that so many have reached out to come alongside you in your time of need to wrap an arm around you and give you a hug. Chad


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