T.M.I. (My Mom Reluctantly Supervised this Event!)

Hey Everyone,

You’re going to hopefully enjoy this unusual post (hopefully?).  I think everyone knows, but in case you don’t, TMI = Too Much Information !  Usually is used when you discuss something that might just be a little bit too personal to normally share with others, but hay I’ve exposed my life to you all thus far on this blog (just like Terry did in the past with his ups and downs) so why not have some fun with this one and teach you one of the ways of life when living in an RV.  Also, since I am trying to expose my Mom to a lot of new things while she’s visiting, I jokingly told her today that I was going to put her to work and make her clean the sewer.  So, I sat her down in a comfortable seat today and told her it was time to go to work, however, this time I only made her supervise this wonderful weekly and very necessary event as part of mobile living!  Sorry, the video cut off near the very end of my demonstration. What I was trying to say at that point is that the 2 grey tanks are normally left open during most of the week, but about 2 days before I perform this weekly cleaning task, I close those two tanks to let then fill up a bit from using the sinks and the shower, so that water can be saved in the tanks underneath to be used as a final flush for the main sewer line after the 30 minute cycling process that I let the pipes go thru first with the additional hose lives that helps with that cleaning process.

Enjoy your Sunday and I hope you find this unusual post informative especially for those who have never lived in a recreational vehicle and always wondered how all these kind of functions work when living in this kind of moble environment.

Have a great Sunday !





17 thoughts on “T.M.I. (My Mom Reluctantly Supervised this Event!)

  1. Well I wasn’t expecting that one 😂…. There was I congratulating myself on successfully descaling the coffee machine and along you come and beat me hands down in the cleaning stakes! Love your Mom emphatically sayings ‘oh no I’m not!’ Thanks for being so considerate in not showing the other end of the pipe in action 💩 💩 💩

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    • Hey Osyth, Glad you enjoyed my humor in demonstrating to the world on how to do this weekly task as part of mobile living. Have to add some unexpected surprise videos to you all every so often to make my blog interesting. Have a great day Osyth! Luv Gary

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      • Gary – it occurred to me whilst walking The Bean after I left my comment that we have had a ‘poo’ theme this week what with the Terry Bird going kaka as they would say here on your windscreen and now this. The thought made me smile 🙂 Love to you and your Mom xo


  2. LOL Pani Stacia says, “No, I am not!” and she is right! It’s a man’s job, as my husband did about once a month with our boat. Similar procedure, but the boat also had to be taken (sailed, that is) to a dumping site, emptied out and flushed right there, and then she comes back nice and clean.


  3. My parents had one of those trailers you put in the bed of their truck for years – it’s actually what Paul and I took our honeymoon in. This looks a lot easier and seems to have less potential for disaster than the cleaning system for that one did!


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